Monday, 8 October 2012

NORDWAND > signed artwork print

Band: WACH
Item: A signed photograph of the album artwork for the "Nordwand" release

Nazgul apologises for the longer than normal delay between posts.  This has been due to a very good reason, mind you: the return to UK shores of Hugin himself, followed by a lengthy 1000 mile trek around the north of England between your scribe, Hugin and Australian guitar virtuoso Joe Matera.  Gigs, giggles and gossip inevitably ensued, and one fine day Nazgul will tell you all the story of how Greyhound Bridge came to life, how new tattoos were inked, and how one man's quest to conquer Europe with a guitar played out.

But until that day, it's time to get Honour and Darkness back on track.  So here, as a quick but interesting restart to proceedings, is another collectible item associated with the 2011 release "Nordwand" from WACH.

Those of you convinced that Nazgul has simply lost his marbles and is putting up the same artwork as shown on 6 July 2012 can rest assured that this is something different: rather than being the silvered (and very clever) creation of the former post, this is a 7x5 photograph of the album artwork that has been signed by its creator, Chris Huber.

Yes, the signature in silver marker to the bottom right is that of Chris H. of Kunstgalerie and is dated 2007.  This is interesting as the release of the CD (on Aphelion Productions) was much later in 2011, but the actual music was recorded between March and October 2007.  But more of the release itself when Nazgul gets his arse into top gear again and rediscovers it for review within the confines of the library.

Another excellent item for the Castle collection and one that deserves to be framed and properly hung, which is precisely what Nazgul will now go off and look into doing.

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