Saturday, 27 October 2012

ELISABETHA > Master Tape (2000)

Title: Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit (master tape)
Format: 4-track master tape for this 2000 demo release, directly from Hugin at W.A.R. Productions
Edition: Single copy

Track Listing: see text

Today's offering comes shrouded in mystery and dark magic. Strange forces working in unfathomable ways conspired to delivery this collectible item to the Castle gates one wet and blustery day in September of this year, and the tale to be told is as unlikely as anything you'll be likely to read this month. 

Picture the scene: it's July 2012, Hugin is hunting through his darkest archives in W.A.R. looking for that special item to add to Nazgul's latest purchases, when this old Elisabetha master tape comes to light.  It's an interesting piece: a one-off 4 track recording (so each side holds a two-track recording of the demo, meaning you can't play it and listen to it as a final recording) for the 2000 release "Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit".  Excellent - a nice item for the box, and off it goes in the Austrian post to wing its way to England.

Except...something terrible happens en route, and said parcel fails to arrive as expected.  Outrage and outcry follow as night follows day, and despite much searching and tracking through the Austrian and British postal systems no sight of the package is made.  It has simply disappeared in transit, the postal equivalent of Flight 19 disappearing into the fog-shrouded night of the Devil's Triangle...

Fast forward to September: Hugin is coming to England again (yay!) along with Australian guitarist and 'king of the sangers' Joe Matera.  Touching down in the (very) wet UK, Hugin has kindly brought with him replacement copies of other items from the missing parcel but not - of course - a replacement Master Tape, for that was unique and therefore irreplaceable.

The morning of Monday 4 September sees the unholy Trinity of Hugin, Joe and Nazgul preparing for the 250 mile trek up to the frozen north of England to do some gigs.  And what should pop through the letterbox into the dainty hands of Lady Nazgul just before departure?  Why yes, the missing parcel no less, some 8 weeks later!

The odds of this tape arriving on the same day that Hugin happened to be standing in the Castle Library must be staggeringly remote, and in makes Nazgul's head hurt to think about it.  Coincidences are funny things at the best of times, but sometimes they do make you wonder...

So all was well in the world, the universal matrix had reestablished order from chaos, and Nazgul's collection was better off by one very special item.

And here endeth today's story - and it's all true: I know, because I was there...

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