Monday, 17 September 2012

Hugin ... the punk years!

Today we enjoy a brief trip back in time, a journey inspired by some of the material on Hugin's Facebook page in fact.  Back in the mists of time - well, the early 1980s at any rate - our Austrian hero wasn't composing epic ambient battle marches or juggling a myriad of excellent projects, oh no.  He was kicking ass in some punk bands and building a basis of musical experience that is now, sadly, apparently lost to history.

However, whilst the photographic evidence of 'Alexander Rotten' might be missing in action, and although there seems to be no recorded material from this period left to terrorise us, we can at least enjoy a quick blat through the band logos that made up this formative period in Hugin's musical heritage.

Some of these projects we've referenced here on Honour and Darkness before, but as far as Nazgul's memory serves we've not had any band-related images to savour, so here are the logos to enjoy alongside some memories from Hugin himself:

"SCHLAGANFALL was a fun Punk band founded in 1984 with Roland on Guitar, Wolfgang on Bass and me on vox and later on bass too. I cannot remember the drummers name :-) "

Schlaganfall, you will doubtless be wanting to learn, is a German word and translates to being the equivalent of a stroke, a seizure or a cerebrovascular accident!

"AFTER A.I.D.S. was also a Punk band with Roland, Andi, Herbert and me, founded in 1985 after SCHLAGANFALL split up"

"THE SHARKS was a Hard Rock / Metal band from Linz with Andi on Vox, Geri (RIP) on drums, Herbert & Mario on Guitar,  and I did some bass sessions with them around the years 1994-1996 I think.  It all ended when Geri died after a gun shot, very sad because he was one of my best friends ever (we also worked together as a car mechanic in the early 90s)"

This sad end to the story is marked by Hugin on a number of tributes to Geri on later releases, including this example from the Uruk Hai split tape "Valhall":

"This title is dedicated to my eternal friend Geri (R.I.P.)  I see you in Valhall"

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