Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Item: Original artwork proof for the"Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit" demo of 2000

As there isn't a lot happening on the Elisabetha front at the moment, the band has rather fallen off the Honour and Darkness radar.  No new releases to review, no old copies of items to review, and the one glimmer of something unusual and collectable that Nazgul had seen in recent months appears to have been snuffed out courtesy of a postal catastrophe somewhere between Austria and England (yes, good old Royal Mail managed to lose one of Nazgul's more recent purchases from Hugin).

But let's make the best of what we have in the Castle archives, and pull something out from under the dusty covers. Stop sniggering in the back, that wasn't supposed to sound funny!

So - todays post is an original colour mock-up for the final artwork of the Elisabetha demo "Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit", from which the individual inlays would have been printed.  You'll notice the blank edition number /100 on the inlay, allowing some hand-numbering (in virgin's blood, no doubt) to be added for the final covers. 

Notice too the innocent youthful looks of Uwe Backer, and the mad-as-a-goose get-up that Hugin - or "Alexander" as it's printed on the inlay - is wearing.  Sheer class!

It's rather a nice way to revisit this artwork again and see the full expanse of the inlay without any crease lines from an original folded copy getting in the way.

It remains a striking cover for a much under-rated demo, and should your hands or eyes ever alight upon a copy Nazgul would urge you to purchase it and enjoy this Gothic-horror story set to music

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