Sunday, 23 September 2012


Title: Middle-Earth (Part IV): To Valinor
Format: Initially a tape-only demo release on the Wulfrune Worxx label (France) in 2011, cat ref WW300. Subsequently this and the other 'Middle-Earth' demos have been compiled onto CD in the 2012 box-set "Tales Of Glory & Mystery". The Wulfrune Worxx cassette version comes with black and white copied inlays, and is hand-numbered.
Edition: 66 copies only

Track Listing:
01. To Valinor  26:24

Splice the main-brace and avast me hearties, as the good ship Uruk Hai sets sail once again into the realms of Middle-Earth. As a scurvy sea-dog loyal to the Uruk Hai flag you too are invited to join this perilous voyage, deep into the uncharted misty depths of ambient battle hymns and nautical metaphor. So take a tot of rum, shake the weevils from your biscuits and rest your wooden leg as we hear tell of strange tales from far lands in the company of our esteemed Captain Hugin.

Such nautical thoughts are stimulated immediately by the sight on the cover of this Wulfrune Worxx cassette of Elven vessels at sea, presumably on the way to the Valinor. And for those not up to speed on their Tolkien, Valinor (literally 'Land of the Valar') is the realm of the Valar in Aman, also known as the Undying Lands. Only immortal beings were allowed to reside there, but the land itself, while blessed, did not cause mortals to live forever.

Amongst the exceptions to this rule were the surviving bearers of the One Ring, who were permitted to enter the lands — Bilbo and Frodo Baggins and also Samwise Gamgee, who bore the One Ring for some time during their perilous journey to Mt. Doom — and Gimli son of Glóin who, it is said, accompanied his friend Legolas to Valinor.

The relevance of the cover artwork comes from the history of the realm: After the destruction of Númenor, the Undying Lands were removed from Arda so that Men could not reach them and only the Elves could go there by the 'Straight Road' and in ships capable of passing out of the Spheres of the earth. 

The Straight Road was the route that leaves the Earth's curvature and moves through sky and space to reach the land of Aman and is so-called because it follows the old path across Belegaer from before the Akallabêth when the Flat World was made Round. It is only kept open to Elves, who are allowed to sail to it on their ships by a special grace of the Valar. A ship departing on the Straight Road, when observed from the shore, would slowly become smaller to sight until it disappeared in a point, and not drop behind the horizon. The Straight Road contains some kind of ethereal sea the ships of the Sindar can sail over through space to Valinor.

Once again, to accompany us on our voyage of discovery, comes an extended symphony of ambient majesty from Hugin's ever-fertile mind. Although probably longer than it needs to be, the pacing of the piece along with the balance of almost-mournful chords with uplifting string sections keeps the song in check, and makes for an excellent background tapestry upon which to weave imaginative quests of your own into Middle-Earth. Just mind you don't fall off the side of the boat as you daydream. 

As always, more of a track to immerse yourself within rather than to try and describe moment by moment, although Nazgul would venture to add that it is one of the best parts of the entire Middle-Earth series and consequently a must-have item for any collector.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Hugin ... the punk years!

Today we enjoy a brief trip back in time, a journey inspired by some of the material on Hugin's Facebook page in fact.  Back in the mists of time - well, the early 1980s at any rate - our Austrian hero wasn't composing epic ambient battle marches or juggling a myriad of excellent projects, oh no.  He was kicking ass in some punk bands and building a basis of musical experience that is now, sadly, apparently lost to history.

However, whilst the photographic evidence of 'Alexander Rotten' might be missing in action, and although there seems to be no recorded material from this period left to terrorise us, we can at least enjoy a quick blat through the band logos that made up this formative period in Hugin's musical heritage.

Some of these projects we've referenced here on Honour and Darkness before, but as far as Nazgul's memory serves we've not had any band-related images to savour, so here are the logos to enjoy alongside some memories from Hugin himself:

"SCHLAGANFALL was a fun Punk band founded in 1984 with Roland on Guitar, Wolfgang on Bass and me on vox and later on bass too. I cannot remember the drummers name :-) "

Schlaganfall, you will doubtless be wanting to learn, is a German word and translates to being the equivalent of a stroke, a seizure or a cerebrovascular accident!

"AFTER A.I.D.S. was also a Punk band with Roland, Andi, Herbert and me, founded in 1985 after SCHLAGANFALL split up"

"THE SHARKS was a Hard Rock / Metal band from Linz with Andi on Vox, Geri (RIP) on drums, Herbert & Mario on Guitar,  and I did some bass sessions with them around the years 1994-1996 I think.  It all ended when Geri died after a gun shot, very sad because he was one of my best friends ever (we also worked together as a car mechanic in the early 90s)"

This sad end to the story is marked by Hugin on a number of tributes to Geri on later releases, including this example from the Uruk Hai split tape "Valhall":

"This title is dedicated to my eternal friend Geri (R.I.P.)  I see you in Valhall"

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Item: Original artwork proof for the"Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit" demo of 2000

As there isn't a lot happening on the Elisabetha front at the moment, the band has rather fallen off the Honour and Darkness radar.  No new releases to review, no old copies of items to review, and the one glimmer of something unusual and collectable that Nazgul had seen in recent months appears to have been snuffed out courtesy of a postal catastrophe somewhere between Austria and England (yes, good old Royal Mail managed to lose one of Nazgul's more recent purchases from Hugin).

But let's make the best of what we have in the Castle archives, and pull something out from under the dusty covers. Stop sniggering in the back, that wasn't supposed to sound funny!

So - todays post is an original colour mock-up for the final artwork of the Elisabetha demo "Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit", from which the individual inlays would have been printed.  You'll notice the blank edition number /100 on the inlay, allowing some hand-numbering (in virgin's blood, no doubt) to be added for the final covers. 

Notice too the innocent youthful looks of Uwe Backer, and the mad-as-a-goose get-up that Hugin - or "Alexander" as it's printed on the inlay - is wearing.  Sheer class!

It's rather a nice way to revisit this artwork again and see the full expanse of the inlay without any crease lines from an original folded copy getting in the way.

It remains a striking cover for a much under-rated demo, and should your hands or eyes ever alight upon a copy Nazgul would urge you to purchase it and enjoy this Gothic-horror story set to music

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Title: Ten Thousand Spears For Ten Thousand Gods
Format: Self-released CD with full colour covers.
Edition: Presumed to be unlimited as no details to the contrary

Track Listing:
01. Hugin Munin  05:25   
02. Warbound  04:51   
03. Down To Niflheim  05:27  
04. Hel (Orchestral Version) by Hugin 00:35   
05. Ten Thousand Spears for Ten Thousand Gods  06:04   
06. Once in the Grave  04:31  
07. Death or Glory  06:07  
08. The Raven Clan  07:08  
09. Swords Speak Louder than Words  04:39  
10. Ring of the Nibelung  20:10  

With a swift blast on Gjallarhorn and more YouTube videos than seems feasible, Hugin Munin have returned with their first full-length CD (and not their second, as sometimes stated). The discography has caused confusion in some quarters, as an album review further down in this post will attest, but is explained by the fact that an earlier Beverina & War release was a compilation of two separate EPs, Ravens Empire [2008] and Die For Odin [2009]) and was not intended to be their full-length debut.  So there were are, clear as crystal. And Vikings, as we all know, used crystals (well, Icelandic Spar)to navigate their vessels on cloudy days, locating the sun through theoretical properties of polarisation.  Keep it Viking, brother! 

So Hugin rides into battle with his "Viking brothers from the south" once again, as Austria and Brazil continue their unlikely alliance in the global fight to spread death and destruction, although in metaphorical terms Hugin's journey this time is not so much directly to the scene of the battle, wielding his blooded axe astride the mighty BatÖx, but more a case of popping into the melee for a spot of light braining before dashing back to W.A.R. Productions to work on the next Uruk Hai demo.

Nazgul had picked up this album solely because of the Hugin's contribution at track 4.  A quick glance at the track listing on the reverse of the CD identified said contribution as an 'orchestral version' of the song 'Hel' which, in truth, Nazgul had hoped meant a reworking of the song of the same name from the "United"split release with Symbiosis was on the cards.  Not so - the 2:20 version of 'Hel' on that release looks positively epic by comparison to the mere 35 seconds of introduction recorded here, which in essence acts as a brief prelude to the title track rather than standing out as a piece in its own right.

Indeed, the piece is so short that in the online reviews Nazgul has pulled for this album Hugin's contribution largely goes unnoticed, and certainly remains uncredited.  Even the band fail to mention Hugin ("our sixth great member") in their recent online interview for DeathMetalBaboon. For shame.

Goodness knows where the title of this release comes from: there certainly weren't ten thousand gods in Norse mythology from what little history Nazgul remembers, and the only connection to ten thousand spears that springs to Nazgul's ever-retentive mind is a quotation from William Blake's poetic sketch on the life of Samson, to wit: "Ten thousand spears are like the summer grass; an army of mighty men are as flocks in the valleys; what canst thou fear?"  Ah yes, Nazgul possesses a photographic just needs developing.

It also turns out that the Senpet Empire built a sophisticated civilization around the worship of Ten Thousand Gods, who they believe control all aspects of the world, with each of them attempting to advise mortals on how to live - but then as the Senpets are fictitious characters from the 'Legend of the Five Rings' role-playing game one feels their involvement here is improbable.  Let's chalk up the title to a creative process fuelled by a particularly strong batch of Cachaça, influenced no doubt in the same numerical vein as that other epic cornerstone of death metal anthems, 'Seven Brides for SevenBrothers'.

*Ahem*  Back to the plot!  Reviews of "Ten Thousand Spears For Ten Thousand Gods" have been mixed.  One from Metal Archives reads:

"Three months ago, Brazilian "Viking metal" band Hugin Munin released this album. They are calling it their first full-length, though their Metal Archives profile calls it their second, so evidently there is some disagreement there over what qualifies as an album. As my use of quotation marks probably indicates, there is also some disagreement here as to what qualifies as Viking metal. The logo certainly looks right. The album and EP titles include such solid bets as "VikingBrothers" and "Die For Odin". The Metal Archives entry agrees that this is a Viking metal band. The actual music, however, does nothing of the sort.

I checked this out, thinking to myself how cool it would be to find some good Viking metal from South America.To their credit, they didn't keep me in suspense very long. What I got, far from my expectations, was mediocre deathcore. I was shocked. Here I was, listening on as a poor man's Lamb of God belched from my speakers, trying to figure out how the hell this band got so badly mislabelled. Did their previous releases sound massively different? Were the genre-makers so caught up in lyrics that they ignored the music? Was I just not hearing the same thing everybody else heard? Sadly, I don't know the answer to the second or third questions. As for the first, after quickly checking out some material from their 2009 EP "Die For Odin", I can say that their sound has changed for the worse with surprising speed. Stylistically I'd be more inclined to lump that EP in with Amon Amarth as death metal about Vikings rather than Viking metal, but at least what little I heard of it actually sounded pretty good. Not great, but solid.

What brought about this change, I don't know. What I can say is that this release saw some halfway decent death metal riffs give way to power chords. In the vocals department, Johan Hegg became Randy Blythe. This new album even had generic, chugging, mosh-ready breakdowns. The energy level is decent, but that's about all I can say in this record's favour. This isn't actively obnoxious, but it has nothing of value to offer either."

To be fair, this apparent change in style is partly acknowledged by the band on their Big Cartel shop-site, in which the album is described as "10 songs of pure and brutal death metal"

A second interview, translated froma site Nazgul can no longer remember ther name of, has a different take on the release:

"The band uses a formula well known to have very specific results: Viking Death Metal done right, and with generous doses of a melody, but without losing the aggressiveness and rudeness of the style.  The visual part of the CD is very beautiful and well done, showing an art connected with the musical content and sound.  The CD opens with the track 'Hugin Munin' with beautiful grounds and guitar solos and steady progress, not too fast, to give some variety then the strong 'Warbound', a song that, despite being aggressive to the teeth, has a unique beauty thanks to the melody of the guitars.   In 'Down to Niflheim' (which is the 'World of Mist', the name of the icy world of primordial ice, one of nine that make up Norse cosmology),we have a more rhythmic track, beautifully crafted with absolute highlight for the battery, then comes 'Hel (orchestral version)' (Hel is the world of the dead in Norse cosmology), which serves as an introduction to 'Ten Thousand Spears for Ten Thousand Gods'.

Solid guitars and a drier sound are what is in 'Death or Glory', without losing the strong elements and the same goes for 'The Raven Clan', despite this is being another slower track and heavyweight, with a beautiful guitar solo. 'Swords Speak Louder Than Words' is a beautiful song, worthy of mention, where weight, aggressiveness and melody marry perfectly.  The 'Ring of the Nibelung' is divided into 4 parts (The Rhine Gold, The Valkyrie, Siegfried and Twilight of the Gods, respectively), and far from being cloying [is] a unique beauty, alternating moments of brutality, melody, harsh, aggressive and more melody, with female vocals. For those who do not know, this song refers to the works of Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. 'TenThousand Spears for Ten Thousand Gods' joins the list of best albums of the year easily, and more Hugin Munin is a beautiful and pleasant revelation."

Something of a fan, there, one might suppose - one of the best albums of the year might just be stretching things a tad...!

Let's finish off with a observation, which in fact identifies a random piece of trivia that will doubtless make you the centre of attention at your next soirée: had you noticed that the cover artwork for "Ten Thousand Spears For Ten Thousand Gods" turns out to be the same as for the forthcoming Uruk Hai box-set "Smell The Stench From A Battlefield Without Honour"?  Well I'll save you the trouble of checking: it is, whether by design or accident.  More of that box-set release in due course, as you might suppose....

Monday, 3 September 2012

Followers of Honour and Darkness ... #6

T of ExtremeAmbient - owner of a collection to be envied
Occasionally something comes up out of the blue and rocks your world.  Such was the case last week, when an innocent looking email arrived at Castle Nazgul from none other than the mighty Hugin himself, suggesting Nazgul might like to take a look at Flickr to see another fan's collection of Uruk Hai and other releases.

The link to Flickr being duly clicked upon, the two photographs below came to light.  Impressive, are they not?!
Uruk Hai items!
The Uruk Hai photograph in particular shows a crackerjack of a collection.  On first inspection you see some literally bigger items - rare box-sets like "Darkness", the "Black Blood White Hand" case, and an impressive spread of the recent multi-disc sets from Fallen Angels Productions - but then you look more closely and some really rare gems appear.  "Hang on",said Nazgul to himself in this respect, "he's got a copy of the "Land Of The Shadow" split release in there, where the hell did he find that?! And there's an original "Quenta Silmarillion" CDr, and there's a copy of the "Ea" demo, and in that other photo there's a WACH box-set that even Castle Nazgul has never seen before, and over there he's got a silver-seal version of "The Fear", and look- there's a ...." 

Well, you get the point.  This is one serious collection.  Having shared the agonies and ecstasies of looking for many of these items myself, I can appreciate the sheer effort that must have been involved in tracking down many of these releases: Respect is due.

WACH a lot of things...
So who is the man behind the photos, identified on Flickr as ExtremeAmbient?  Read on, honoured guest, read on...

Q1. Hello!  Tell us your name and where you come from?
A1. Hi, my name is T (it is not my real name) I am from the Basque Country, a very small country located the south of Europe.

Q2. You run the Extreme Ambient web-page: tell us a little about that site and what you are doing there?
A2. Well, ExtremeAmbient is a blog where I write about all the music I have been discovering during the years. My main purpose when I started the blog was to share the information with others: bands, releases, concerts...  It cover a lot of types/styles of music, but it is focused in extreme metal/core and (dark) ambient. Sometimes,I also write about my other passion: motor sports.

Q3. Is music your full-time career,or do you have another job to pay the bills?
A3. No, music is just a hobby. I work as a web developer.

Q4. Where and how did you discover Hugin's music?
A4. I think it was 2005, when I was a little bit tired listening to metal every day. I read a review about the new Vinterriket album, a must-know project for an Uruk-Hai fan but a totally unknown project for me: a great mix of black metal with dark-ambient. So using Soulseek (P2P program, please support the artists buying the albums if you like them) I downloaded the album and I found it very interesting, so I decided to read more about that project. Looking in the releases catalogue I found a split with a project called Uruk-Hai called "~2~". That is how the story began....

Q5. You came to the attention of Castle Nazgul after posting those amazing photos on Flickr showing your collection of Uruk Hai items, as well as other releases by Hugin.  First of all, tell us about the Uruk Hai items - how many items do you actually have?
A5. Thanks for such kind words. It really looks great and I also have discovered that I have more Uruk-Hai items than I ever thought.  During 2011 and 2012 we have seen a lot of Uruk-Hai albums, box-sets, re-releases, demos...  After I bought the Darkness box-set, Hugin asked me if it was possible to take a photo of my collection. The photos themselves contain all the item I have owned from most of Hugin's projects, except the WACH Nordwand, which I forgot to show from the box, and 3 Uruk-Hai items that I have missed during the past years: Blutreich, Of Gleaming Swords In The Land Of The North [both passed away during a move in a box crash ;-)] and Lost Songs from Middle Earth (it is lost in a box).  Here is the full list:
- Elbenwald
- In Durin Halls [2004 version]
- Barbarians (Orcish Battle Hymns Part II)
- Split with Vinterriket: Nazgul / Landschaftenewiger Einsamkeit
- A Night in the Forest
- Split with Abandoned: Valhall / Assuage My Tristful Soul
- Northern Lights
- Across the Misty Mountains (...Far, Far Away)
- A Vikings Journey
- Valkyrian Romance
- The Battle & A Vikings Journey
- United: Split with Symbiosis
- Split with Valar: Enslaved In Evil Darkness / To Whatever End
- Felagund
- Emyn Muil
- Split with Zloslut and Gromkult: United with the Fallen Ones...
- A Night in the Forest
- Quenta Silmarillion
- Barbarians (Orcish Battle Hymns Part II)
- Upon the Elysian Fields [Promo DoCDR]
- Ea
- Split with Woodland's Edge: Land of the Shadow
- Split with Svarrogh and Rubixx! Project: Melancholie eines Herbstes in drei Akten
- Split with Arkillery: 2
- The Battle
- Dragons of War
- Split with Vinterriket: ~2~
- Tawantinsuyu
- Across the Misty Mountains (...Far, Far Away)
- Split with Vinterriket and Nak'kiga: Ira Deorum Obliviorum
- Split with Saltvind: A Dark Force Shines Golden / Dreams of the Ancient Stone
- Upon the Elysian Fields [2009 version by Valgriind]
- Split with Forgotten Land: Nachtkrieg
- Cirith Ungol
- Cirith Ungol [Special edition by NORDSTURM Prod.]
- Split with Sieghetnar
- Split with Funeral Fornication
- Split with Sepulchral Moon
- Northern Lights [2011 version]
- Emyn Muil
- Long Before the Creation of the Sun & Moon [3"CDr by Tryby]
- Return to the Green Fields
- Dagor Dagorath
- The Barbarian [3"CDr by Tryby]
- Elves & Men [3"CDr by Tryby]
- Gil-Galad [2x3"CDr by Tryby]
- Nargothrond [2x3"CDr by Tryby]
- Felagund [3"CDr by Tryby]
- Lothlórien (2x3"CDr by Tryby]
- Split with Nebula VII: Dark Secrets
- Split with Moloch: Iron Age
- Upon the Elysian Fields [4x3"CDr]
- Split with Moloch: Vereint durch die Kraft uralter Wälder
- Black Blood, White Hand + Death is just another path...
- In Durins Halls (Return to the Mines of Moria)
- Angband (Metal Fortress)
- War Anthems
- Darkness I-V
- Power of the Ring [Tape + DVD-r]
- Gorgoroth (The Land of Darkness)
- Courage Is Found in Unlikely Places
- Everlasting Wrath of the Tyrant
- 3"CD Box
- Legacy of the Tyrant
- Tales of Glory & Mystery
- ...and in the Darkness Bind Them
- The Orcish Battle Hymns (...From the Dark Ages)
- Elbenlieder
- Darkness
- Cirith Ungol (The Whole Story)

Q6. Which of these releases has been the most difficult to find?
A6. Definitely, the "Ea" demo. It took more than a year to find it. Of course, this answer will be different in the future because my wish list is very large, with a lot of old material, very hard to find today.

Q7. What is your most prized Uruk Hai item?
A7. I think this question is hard to answer. Every item has its on history, but maybe the promo DoCDR "UponThe Elysian Fields".  It was not very hard to find (I bought it directly from Hugin some years ago), but it was my first very limited edition item (only 20 copies) I owned.

Q8. Do you have any unique items in your collection that may not be in any other collection (including the Castle library!)
A8. The WACH Boxset, which it is supposed to be the only copy. I found it on Steinklang's Records Collectors Shop ( I already had a couple of WACH releases so I thought it was a good way to complete my collection about that project.

Q9. Do you remember the very first UrukHai item you bought?
A9. I do: the split with Vinterriket:"-2-."  As I mentioned before, that was the first item I heard from Uruk-Hai and, therefore, the first that I bought!

Q10. And so to the big question - why did you start collecting these releases?
A10. I didn't plan to start collecting Uruk-Hai releases, it just happened. The most important reason to collect them is that I like what Hugin does in this project. And off course, it is nice to have such great works in limited editions.

Q11. What does the music of Uruk Hai mean to you, T?
A11. This question is hard to explain with words. Just close your eyes while you are listening a song by Uruk-Hai. Can you feel it? That is what I am talking about: the essence. It is more than music.

Q12. And tell us a little about your collection of other releases by Hugin - from WACH, Ravenclaw and so on - what other items do you have in your collection?
A12. As you can see, my collection of other Hugin releases is not so big:
- Ravenclaw: Where Mighty Ravens Fly.
- Bonemachine: Endzeit
- Hrefnesholt: Uraungst
- Hrossharsgrani:
    - Ancient Tales [2xCDr by Valgriind]
    - The Secret Fire
    - Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est (Special edition with Dead Souls Forest & Wintertod)
    - Das Ende Des Pfades..(Coloured cover version)
    - Split with Dead Mans Hill: Dead:Meat
    - The Ancient Path box-set

Q13. Tell Nazgul about that big WACH box numbered #1/1 in the photo...?!  What's in there?!
A13. I found it on Records Collectors Shop. It contains all WACH releases, that is:
- The End Of All Dreams (Limited edition + normal edition)
- Firedance On A Dead Mans Grave (Digipak edition + normal edition)
- Nordwand
- Experimentum Solaris
- The Fear (all editions: blue, green,orange and silver + promotional copy)
It also includes "The Fear Clips"and a card with Nordwand covers, hand numbered and signed.

Q14. How many years have you been collecting releases from Hugin?
A14. I started in 2005. During some months my collection was growing up significantly, especially when I contacted Hugin. But then I quit listening to this type of music and I focused more on grindcore and martial industrial. Fortunately, at the end of 2009 I resumed listening to Uruk-Hai.

Q15. Do you have a favourite release from his demos and albums?
A15. It depends on my mood. Visually, my favourite item is "Ira Deorum Obliviorum". The package looks very good. Musically, I found interesting "Elbentraum", which is totally different from what Uruk-Hai usually does.

Q16. Are there any particular items from Hugin's discography that you are still looking for?
A16. There is too much that I am looking for!  In the following months I will make an effort to increase the tape collection.

Q17. Do you collect material from any other bands or projects - if so, can you tell us a little about them?
A17. Yes I do:
- Arditi: a martial industrial project from Sweden.
- Nasum: grindcore masters from Sweden.
- Narsilion: ethereal folk from Catalonia.
- Brujeria: narco-satanic death metal-grindcore from Mexico.

Q18. Let's find out a little more about you - can you recall the very first album and very first single you ever bought...?
A18. The first album was Far Beyond Driven by Pantera. And my first single... I do not remember.

Q19. Your favourite food?
A19. Veal chops

Q20. Your favourite film?
A20. Monty Python's Life of Brian. It is marvellous and huge fun.

Q21. Your favourite book?
A21. I don't read books.

Q22. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 albums and 3 books would you ask to take with you?!
A22. 5 albums are too few. Can't I take any more? :-(  Ok, let's see:
- Dargaard: Rise and Fall. Maybe it is not their best album, but it is the first I owned and I love it.
- Loreena Mckennitt: Live at The Alhambra. It has a great atmosphere.
- Nasum: Inhale / Exhale. Straight in your face.
- Brujeria: Raza Odiada.
- LOTR Soundtrack: The Complete Recordings.

Of course, any of Uruk-Hai releases would be chosen, but I try to show you something different.

Q23. I believe that you read Honour and Darkness?  What do you think of it?
A23. Yes I read it. I think is the best place to find information about Hugin and his projects. It helps me a lot finding some releases and also I found releases that I never thought existed. It has more information than Discogs and Encyclopaedia Metallum put together - and that's saying something!! For sure, a must-read blog for every Hugin fan.

Q24. What message do you have for your fellow readers of the Blog?
A24. Don't worry if your collection is not big. A collection is not great because it has many items, it is great because it has some unique/prized items (even only for you). I have seen some collections with less items than mine that I would like to have.

Q25. Do you have any personal message for Hugin himself to share here?
A25. Keep doing your best as you have been done until now, and give us as many albums as you can. All of them are welcome!  I have an idea for a "best-of", but maybe it is not possible: it will be great to have the entire collection (including those unique items) together in an ultimate box-set. That would be great. Once, I read something about a box with 40 CD....? 

It also would be great to build an Smartphone app (a small synth with some sampler/sounds/excerpt from Uruk-Hai) in the vein of the Nordvarg's easel (  Maybe I can help you - I did one for my own personal use.

Q26. Thanks for your time, and good luck with your future work!  Keep in touch!
A26. Thanks to you Nazgul for opening your Castle doors.  And thanks to everyone that has read this interview. If you want to contact me, please write an email to: blog [@] extremeambient. net - trades, offers... all are welcome. Keep in touch!

A great guy - drop him a line and support the ExtremeAmbient blog!