Friday, 31 August 2012


Band: WACH
Title: The Fear
Format: Unique copy of the short film 'The Fear' in a DVD-sized box, which has been signed by Herr Insomnia.
Edition: Presumed to be 1 copy only

Track Listing:
01. The Fear (video)  9.21

Cast your mind back to the 8 August 2009 and you may recall that Honour and Darkness reviewed the 4 separate releases that comprise "The Fear" release from avant-garde project WACH.  Notable for their exquisite format - matt black digipaks, with four coloured wax seals denoting the different versions - each version contained the short video track of "The Fear" as an enhanced element.

The video itself is also available to view online, and you can take advantage of YouTube in this regard by clicking on the link here.

This particular item is a special one-off DVD that Herr Insomnia has kindly produced and signed for Nazgul, with bespoke covers and a plain silver disc inside.  It's all nicely packaged, as one might expect, and a good opportunity to revisit the film and song to re-experience the WACH modus operandi.

The film beings with the WACH logo and the quotation reproduced below, which appears in various versions online but for which a source has yet to be identified by Nazgul:

"A dream is the experience of envisioned images,
sounds, or other sensations during sleep.
The events of dreams are often impossible,or unlikely
to occur in physical reality and are usually outside the control of the dreamer."

The video then launches off into an intentionally grainy nightmare of black and white images, with the gesticulations of a mysterious hand being at the heart of the action.  Of course, following the link above and having a look for yourself would make far more sense than Nazgul trying to explain all this long-hand, so go back and click on it if you've not yet done so!

Heathen Harvest - the acclaimed web-site that 'illuminates the post-industrial underground' - noted of this video: "This leaves us with the DVD film to watch.  It's 'The Fear' again, acting as a soundtrack to a series of layered black and white images, which suffers from the same faults as the audio-only track; the video is interesting but ultimately empty. There's not enough of an aesthetic quality to make it simply nice to watch alongside the music and there's also not enough of a plot (or none, as it turns out) to make it interesting for its own sake."

How the mysterious movements of a disembodied hand can be described as lacking in aesthetic quality or plot is anyone's guess, but there you go...!!

One to file under 'unique collectables', and Nazgul thanks Herr Insomnia for taking the trouble to put it together for the Castle collection.

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