Monday, 27 August 2012

HROSSHARSGRANI > Where The Mighty Ravens Fly artwork

Title: Where The Mighty Ravens Fly
Item: A sample cover from Hugin for a demo that never was!  Read on...

Occasionally we uncover something in the collection that has not been published online before.  This is one such occasion, and reveals the artwork for a proposed split release between Hrossharsgrani and Nachtfalke circa 1999/2000.

Nazgul was straight onto the high tower to light the signal fires in order to get Hugin's recollections of what this was all about.

"When I recorded "Of Battles Ravens.." I did it for a split release with German Nachtfalke, but the guy from CCP Records loved it so much and offered me a contract for 3 albums. That's why we never released that split album and "Of Battles..." was released as a mini album only!

"Where Mighty Ravens..." was just the working title of this split album, it had nothing to do with the Ravenclaw release but later when the first Ravenclaw demo was finished I decided to choose that title because I thought it still sounded cool for a Viking based concept..."

Another piece of history preserved forever!

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