Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hohner and Darkness...

Item: Hugin's own Hohner guitar, dedicated and signed to Nazgul!
Edition: Only one of these bad boys! 

Ignore the terrible pun in the title,today's post celebrates a really beauty of an item!  Nazgul promised you all a special piece to follow the 500th celebratory post, and here it is!

It is (or rather was!) Hugin's very own Hohner guitar, as evidenced in the accompanying picture showing the guitar in situ in the W.A.R. studio circa 1999!

and here's our hero Hugin strumming away on the very same Hohner, most likely in process of recording the Gil-Galad track....

This gift came as a real bolt out of the blue, and imagine the surprise when an enormous box, weighing a ton, arrived at the Castle one snowy Christmas day.  Cue much speculation during the fevered unwrapping stages, and much "ooo-ing", "aah-ing" and general incredulity when the content was finally revealed.  

For obvious reasons it has become a much-loved item in Nazgul's collection, and looks - well, simply awesome!  It still awaits a ritual place to hang on the wall (long-awaited building work at the Castle will eventually dedicate space within a suitable man-cave to the entire Hugin collection, allowing the library to return to its former function and giving a proper area to display the various posters and other ephemera), but until that happy time comes to pass the guitar stands next to Nazgul's desk ready for some impromptu strumming.  

Imagine the number of tracks from the late 90's/early 2000's that were laid down on demos for Hrossharsgrani, Hrefnesholt, Uruk Hai and other projects using this guitar?!  Every glorious riff, fuzzy chord or electric blast most likely came from this very guitar.  

Beyond cool....

Tradition dictates that Nazgul tries to temper his boundless enthusiasm with a brief history of the item, just to maintain some form of dignity, so here we go: Way back in 1857 the Hohner company was founded in Germany by Matthias Hohner, and in those days it produced harmonicas. The company is famous for it's world-class harmonicas (by way of example, it recently announced the Bob Dylan Collection of hand-signed harmonicas) and they've been used by a number of luminaries in rock including Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.  Hohner Guitar began guitar production in the 1970's and they now produce a full range of acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

For buffs of the Hohner range, this is in their 'Arbor Series' and bears the reference number E713162.

Checking out with Hugin his personal history with the guitar revealed the following:

"I bought this guitar back in 1999 and I used it on all demos from 1999 until 2009!!  Its first official use was on the Hrossharsgrani "Der Pfad zum Tor der Toten" CDr. The typical sound comes from a KORG soundboard and the sound on that board is called, drumroll: sabbath ;-)  I still have this soundboard here in the vaults of W.A.R :-)"

All that's left to say, really, is that Hugin is quite simply a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

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