Thursday, 26 July 2012

W.A.R. Productions upcoming events

Updated Davenport/Matera gig venues

What's all this then, Nazgul?  It's some shameless promotion for two upcoming events being organised by Hugin's W.A.R. Productions label

Here's a quick update following the Manwe post of last night: if you're in the north of England in September you really should try to get to see the Rich Davenport / Joe Matera gigs that are being promoted through Hugin's W.A.R. Productions label.  There are three shows that have been arranged, and the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that there is a venue change in the poster above, so make sure you're heading to the correct place!  Bolton and Lancaster will very probably never be the same again...

Also of note is that the gig at the Blackjack Casino will also feature Blues sensation Trevor Sewell, who has also recently released a CD on the W.A.R. label.

If you're unable to get to these events (and it's a great chance to meet and greet Hugin in person, so why wouldn't you go along, and enjoy some awesome tunes at the same time?) then there's an alternative event planned by W.A.R. for earlier in September - the 1st Multi-Cultural Acoustic Festival in Austria on 22 September.

Joe Matera is set to play there, as the flyer below will confirm, and doubtless Hugin will be shaking his stuff along with the assembled masses too.

There's no excuse this September not to meet the man himself!

The Austrian event also has the bonus that 100% of the proceeds are being donated to a children's care program in Ghana, so an extra incentive to dig deep and support a worthy cause.

The first such festival, and a worthy cause

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