Friday, 6 July 2012

NORDWAND > album artwork

An original artwork creation...
...pictured alongside the final CD release

Band: WACH
Title: Nordwand
Item Description: Artwork for the album cover.
Edition: Presumed to be a one-off item

Actions, as they say, speak louder than words.

With that in mind, the gift from Hugin of this simply superb piece of artwork depicting the cover of the most recent WACH release is an action almost beyond compare.

Framed within a tasteful black border, the clever silvering effect used in this design (the talents of Reverend Kim being very much on display here) are wonderful, and bring to a sharp focus the majesty and vastness of the mountain ranges illustrated on the final artwork.

This looks fabulous on the walls of the library in Castle Nazgul, and you can be sure that Nazgul is both humbled and honoured to be in a position to have such an item in his collection.

The effort involved to create this stunning image must have been considerable, and when the light catches it the effect is sensational.

And that's enough words on the subject: a review of the album proper will be along in due course, but until that time let Nazgul thank his lucky stars once again to have a friend such as Hugin: truly a giant amongst men :o)

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