Sunday, 29 July 2012

MARCH TO WAR - update

Title: March To War
Reason for update: Reissued 3"CDr pressing of this demo on the Smell The Stench label (Australia) in 2012, no catalogue reference.
Edition: Limited to 11 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. March To War
02. Death Is Not The Only Path

Nazgul posted a piece on the die-hard fan vinyl edition of the "March To War" back on 23 March of this year, and in keeping with the recent trend of reissues of early Uruk Hai material it comes as no surprise to see a 3" CDr version of this EP arriving on the scene by way of Australian label Smell The Stench, following hard on the footsteps of the demo being including in the recent "Everlasting Wrath Of The Tyrant" box-set.

Only 11 copies of this pressing were made, which adds hardly anything to the overall total of available copies of the demo allowing for the aforementioned 5 vinyl copies, but at least gave a keen and alert Huginophile a sporting chance to adding this particular release to their collection (did you manage to get one?!)  As previously recounted, there's no need to despair if you missed out on both of these very limited editions as the pair of songs have appeared on a number of Uruk Hai's other releases, but for completeness sake it's always nice forthe obsessive-compulsives amongst us to lay hands on the harder to find stuff like this.

An action-packed cover greets you first off the bat, which to be fair is actually better seen here as a photograph (with some attendant lightening of the image) than in the flesh - so to speak - as the glossy card cover is rather dark and consequently it's hard to see the specific details of the scene.  Or perhaps old Nazgul is getting ... well, old?  Nonetheless, it's a fine cover and sets off the demo nicely.

As with many other recent Smell TheStench releases there is minimal information on the inlay other than the title and song details, and interestingly this particular 3" disc has had no second pressing as yet: we've seen a trend of this recently, with a first pressing on STS followed almost immediately by a second on the Polish TryBy label.

Even though these two songs are now pretty familiar they are still worth a listen, and the collectability of this release makes the effort to search it out worthwhile (assuming any are even left for sale at this stage...?)

And did you realise that this is the 499th post in the short history of Honour and Darkness?  Amazing but true, so we'll have something of a reflective post next time around to celebrate the 500th entry!

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