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Title: Forsvunnet Filosofem - A Tribute to Burzum [Various Artists]
Format: Currently a free digital download on the Bandcamp site, cited as "A Black metal, Dark Ambient, Acoustic, Ethereal, Electronic, Experimental compilation album that pays homage to the Norwegian Black metal legend Burzum and the music of Burzum.  An international effort!".  This is the product of an exercise by Marc AzraelHoyland for Mirkwood Productions, This was made available online on 2 June 2012.
Edition: unlimited download at the moment, see text for more details 

Track Listing:
01.  Symbiosis - Dauði Baldrs 05:56
02.  Æþelruna - Ðæt þe Hwilum Wæs;Wearges Leoþe (Det Som Engang Var) 14:37
03.  Uruk-Hai - The Crying Ork 01:25
04.  Waldschrat - Black Spell of Destruction 06:14
05.  Tamerlan - Die Liebe Nerþus 02:50
06.  Hrafnblóð - War 02:39
07.  Hoyland - Jesus Tod 08:12
08.  Vørgum - I Heimr Heljar 03:38
09.  Forgotten Land - Moti Ragnorokum 07:49
10.  Melankolia - Det Tod Wuotans 06:59
11.  Frostwork - Dunkelheit 07:34
12.  Almófar - Han Som Reiste 05:48
13.  Werther - Erblicket Die Töchter Des Firmaments 07:54
14.  Soufferance - Hermoðr á Helferð 02:40
15.  Garden of Grief - GlemselensElv 11:53
16.  Walden - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss 02:46
17.  Nordfolc - Stemmen Fra Taarnet 06:53
18.  Gorthorn - Illa Tithandi 09:22
19.  Winternight - Balferd Baldrs04:32
20.  Alvheim - Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen 09:13
21.  Arboretus - A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit 06:14
22.  Skygge - Lost Wisdom 04:37
23.  Dysonsphere - ChannellingThe Power Of Soul Into A New God 03:27
24.  Antecantamentum - My Journey to the Stars 07:39
25.  Kzag Bhat - Feeble ScreamsFrom Forests Unknown 07:45
26.  Wrapped in a Sheet - Ea, Lordof the Depths 05:35
27.  Plaguewielder - Tomhet 14:43

And they say you get nothing for free anymore?!

This excellent compilation is free to download from the Bandcamp site, either by cherry-picking your favourite bands or just dumping the whole kit and caboodle onto your hard drive,and well worth the time and effort it is too.  Featuring Uruk Hai,a couple of projects that have (or will be...) gracing the pages of Honour and Darkness - Symbiosis, and Dysonsphere to name but two - and a host of established and new & upcoming bands, this really is a treasure trove for ambient black metal music fans.

Word in the dark corners of Castle Nazgul is that there will be a physical release in 3CD format via Wodfreca Recordson 6 August 2012 , limited to 100 copies, with brand new exclusive artwork by Richard Smythe (designer of the Æþelruna logo) and layout by Black Raven Design.  Definitely one to look out for, and as a treat for his honoured readers Nazgul has copied below what looks to be the intended artwork for the August release.

Forthcoming artwork for the Wodfreca release

Drawing material from a variety of Burzum's early releases, the 27 songs on offer here encompass a wide spectrum and will doubtless provide every listener with a little bit of something to enjoy.  Tribute albums of this nature don't always work, as it depends very much on the proficiency of the artist recording the song and their interpretation of it: after all, there are more than a few dismal Iron Maiden tribute albums out in the world, and some bands are really hard to cover successfully as they are so distinctive in their original delivery (Skyclad being a prime example of a band with more than a few excellent songs but such a distinctive vocalist it wouldn't quite work using anyone the modern iteration of the band is finding out for themselves).  Whilst Nazgul hasn't delved into every song on this release those that have received an airing convey sufficient of the mystery and power of the Burzum originals to be worthy of a place here.

The title 'Forsvunnet Filosofem' literally translates from the Norwegian as 'Filosofem Disappeared'.  Filosofem was the title of Burzum's fifth album, and is Norwegian for Philosopheme (and before you ask, a philosophme is a philosophical proposition, doctrine,or principle of reasoning).  You would, frankly, have lost your reason were you not to take advantage of this particular freebie!

I asked Hugin about his involvement with this project, and this is what he reported: "in terms of getting involved in the first instance it was Mike O'Brian from the band Gil-galad who gave me the contact to Marc Marc Azrael Hoyland, and from there I asked to be a part of it too and he was very happy about it like me :o)" In terms of the choice of song (the shortest on this release, as befits a busy man like Hugin!) "Well, "Ork" fits best with the Uruk Hai concept so I think that's why I choose that track!"  And what of the release in its totality? "The result is awesome, a great mix of bands both ambient as well as black metal too; I´m honoured to be a part of it!"

Until the 3CD pressing is released,have a look at this release via and see what you make of it...?

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