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An interview with ... Dysonsphere

Vyranis, of Dysonsphere

Following Nazgul's last post concerning the Eismond/Dysonsphere split release, it seemed like a good opportunity to get into that seldom seen part of Honour and Darkness - the interview - and see what was the back-story behind this album.  Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the very cool Vyranis from Dysonsphere, and his thoughts on the album, his project, and more besides....

Welcome to Honour and Darkness, Vyranis
Hails to you and the whole Honour and Darkness connection!

Q1. Can you tell us something about Dysonsphere - about yourself, and where and when you formed this project, etc?
A1. Firstly let me thank you for this interview.  Dysonsphere is a one man project by me and it is the way to show my dreams and my fantasies. I want to create a sound that is psychedelic and hypnotic and I think that I made it good so far with the cold and melancholic atmosphere. Dysonsphere was founded in the year 2011.

Q2. The band name comes from the realms of physics, I believe?  What's your connection there?
A2. Well... the Dysonsphere is one of the biggest illusions of researchers. Humanity gets more and more insane with their ideas and inventions and that is the exactly the meaning of this Project name. I hate humanity for it and I want it to end.

Q3. What is the philosophy behind your band and music - do you have a particular message or statement?
A3. There is no deep philosophy in the project or in each song. No. it is only the possibility, to do what I love - music!  I digest my past with this music, you hear my past in the sad, melancholic melodies. There is something cold in my heart that has to break free, and that is the reason for Dysonsphere. If there is a philosophy, then it is: 'You have to know the fucking black side of life to live it carefully'.

Q4. Tell us a little about some of whether you have released other demos, and where we might find them?
A4. I didn't release any demos before the split with Eismond, but i can tell you that more will come!

Q5. Your recent split with Eismond has just been released on the Kadaath label - how did you come to the attention of this Russian label, and what is this latest album all about?
A5. The founder of Eismond (Alex Wieser) told me that Kadaath Records is a good idea, and that was true. This split has no really sense: Alex is a very good friend and we just want to make music together, and there it is!

Q6. How pleased are you with the final album, and what reactions have you had from others about it?
A6. Yes I'm very proud about the album but there were no reaction to me, hehe. Dysonsphere is a very unknown project and because of that nobody has heard of it!

Q7. How did your contact with Hugin begin - have you known him long? How did the decision record this split release happen?
A7. Hugin is a  member of the "Circle of Honor", that is a Brotherhood formed by me. There we had our first contact. I asked him about doing a split tape together, and he said 'yes'. By the end it was a split "CD" but that didn't matter.

Q8. What is your opinion on Hugin's own various projects and recordings - do you own any of his work, or have any particular favourites?
A8. Oh, his recordings are awesome! The sound is really powerful and spacial. When I hear it i feel like I am in space on the way to a strange world.

Q9. What is next for Dysonsphere - where do you see the project going from here?
A9. I think there is a big future for Dysonsphere. This music has to be more public and then it will go its way. I hope Dysonsphere can inspire people to open themselves for new things.

Q10. Do you have any message for Hugin via the pages of Honour and Darkness?
A10. No, I can do it all the time. but there is one thing.. I am proud to be part of his music and I'm very thankfull!

Q11. And any message for the readers of Honour and Darkness?
A11. Yes...Sorry for my bad english guys, i hope you can understand me.

Thanks for your time, Vyranis, and best wishes for the future!

You can also check out some more Dysonsphere music through this YouTube link 

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