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Title: Darkness And The Blood Of Trees
Format: Split tape release on the Depressive Illusions label (Ukraine) in October 2011, cat ref cut387.  Glossy colour cover, standard C60 style tape.  The other side of this split is with Italian project Wear and Tear.
Edition: 100 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. Felagund    
02. The Sound of Gondor    
03. Moriquendi    
04. Memories    
05. Emyn Muil  
06. Buried    
07. Decadency    
08. Hope    
09. Sand    
10. Vacant    
11. Worms

We've not seen a split release in a while from Uruk Hai, so here's an interesting one on the Ukranian label Depressive Illusions (this copy, incidentally, being #1 of the 100) featuring Hugin's most popular project alongside a band new to Nazgul: Wear and Tear from Italy.

First off the bat, there's some excellent artwork on the cover of this release, with the sort of photo that immediately puts you in the mood for something atmospheric and mysterious.  So far, so very good...

The Uruk Hai side of the tape is easy enough to document, as it features the songs previously reviewed on the "Felagund" post (see post of 13 May 2012) and jolly good they remain too.  As this particular tape was released in a larger edition than the preceding "Felagund" releases, and still seems readily available online, there's a good chance for you to get your sticky fingers on the music now if you've still not made the plunge!

There's also a quotation from a philosophical Hugin on the inlay, which Nazgul repeats for your edification here:

"Fact in life is that, although through circumstantial events you can decide when you die, or better said, decide now how long you wish to live..." 

The Wear And Tear side is essentially an ambient/drone creation, although with some more varied orchestration than many bands in the genre including the effective use of piano.  It's also rather good, so much so that Nazgul went off in pursuit of Dave (the solo artist behind the project) to find out a little more about it, just for your entertainment, honoured reader. And a very pleasant chap he proved to be too, so without further ado let's meet Wear And Tear:

Q1. Welcome to Honour and Darkness, Dave - tell us a little about the origin of your solo project, Wear and Tear?
A1. My solo project WEAR AND TEAR was born in 2009 . It's a solitary project that was created with the intent to communicate all the discouragement that we receive in our society and and above all by the people who compose it, with its dark and melancholic sound, designed to highlight the rotten movement of the human being.

Q2. What are your aims and ambitions for this project?
A2. My major goal is to communicate something to people, as sad and happy emotions or feelings, I do not care being famous. The most important aim is to sensitize people and make them think about all those horrible human beings, rotten from birth, in the world we live in and in the creatures that surround us.

Q3. I believe you also play in the bands Deadly Carnage and Misere Nobis - how do they differ from Wear and Tear?
A3. The Deadly Carnage are a doom\black metal band active since 2005 (ATMF label). The band is composed by 5 members with me on guitar, but the issues are sometimes very similar to my solo project Wear and Tear. The Misere Nobis are a a Roman depressive\ black metal band (Pest Productions), I'm the bass player, the themes are quite different but it is such a great liberation, I can announce that a preview will be out soon for our first full-length release. Wear and Tear is my own personal contentment, where I am the only person to decide everything from the music to the issues.

Q4. This split release with Uruk Hai - how did that happen?  Was it through the label or through knowing Hugin?
Q4. I knew of Uruk-Hai, I thought about contacting Hugin and suggest a split. He immediately accepted, I contacted the Depressive Illusions label who agreed to print 100 copies in a split tape format. All very simple and smooth. Thank you again Depressive Illusions records for giving us the chance to release this split and I would like to thank also for the other two prints in the tape that I did: -Wear and Tear \ abstinentia split Divinorum - Alone and Hopeless tape 100 copies - Wear and Tear - Vacuum tape 100 copies

Q5. Are you a fan of any of Hugin's bands, and if so what are your personal highlights?
A5. I love ambient music and all its branches so it's very pleasant to listen to such projects as Uruk-Hai, and I congratulate Hugin

Q6. How would you describe "Darkness and the Blood of Trees" to a stranger in just one sentence?
A6. Close your eyes, free your mind of all prejudices and be cradled by the sounds.. . Forget to exist and begin to wander into this sea of sensations, experiencing happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear .. Upon awakening you will understand if you're alive or dead, if what you experienced is real or not and if time really exists ..

Q7. Are any more split releases with Hugin's bands planned...?
A7. Not at the moment, but in the future if they could talk ... let the fate do it's will.

Q8. Do you have a message for Hugin?
A8. Yes, I thank him for his work and once again I offer my congratulations for his band!  Hi, Hugin!

Q9. Do you have a message for the readers of Honour ad Darkness?
Q9. I thank the entire editorial staff, my fans and all the people who are close to me. Soon will be out my fourteenth album: Wear and Tear - "Black Drone" digipack by SBRT records also tell you that I'm already working at fifteenth and shortly I'll publish the title on my Facebook page.

My continuing and dissonant noise will make you regret being born. 

As Dave is such an obliging sort of a chap, here is some additional information to help you explore his work in more depth:

Discography :
1- Wear and Tear - Il declino della società moderna ( ex Blacken )( Aggressive Prod.Italy) CD 2010 \ sold out
2- Wear and Tear - Abyss ( special pack black bag )(Aggressive Prod.Italy) CD 2011 \ sold out
3- Wear and Tear - Vacuum ( by Depressive Illusions Records Ukraine ) TAPE 2011 
4- Wear and Tear\Uruk-hai split - Darkness and the blood of trees ( by Depressive Illusions Records Ukraine ) TAPE 2011
5- Wear and Tear\AbstinentiaDivinorum split - Alone and Hopeless ( by Depressive illusions records Ukraine )TAPE 2011
6- Wear and Tear - Il declino della società moderna ( Second Press )(Aggressive Prod. Italy) CD 2011 \ sold out
7- Wear and Tear - Iperuranio ( CD \dvd case )(Aggressive Prod. Italy) 2011 \ sold out
8- Wear and Tear - Follia (CD\dvd case )(Aggressive Prod. Italy) 2012
9- Wear and Tear\Lueur Morte split - Violence Psychologique (Unlight order prod.France) TAPE 2012
10- Wear and Tear - Black Drone ( Digipack ) ( SBRT records Italy )2012
11- Wear and Tear - Utopia ( CD\ dvd case ) (Unlight Order Productions .France) 2012
12- Wear and Tear\Thanatos split - Everything was destroyed ,the end is near ( AggressiveProduction Italy ) Tape 2012
13- Compilation SlowFest 2012 
14- Wear and Tear - Abyss ( Second Press - special pack \ double cover with felt ) (AggressiveProduction Italy) CD 2012 

distro/shop :

Facebook : Wear and Tear 

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