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Title: Untitled (split release with Flutwacht)
Format: CDr pressing on the The Tourette Tapes label, cat ref TT#36, released on 1 January 2012.  Colour inlays and white-faced CDr disc (stamped with catalogue number), coming in a plastic wallet with a paper insert with pressing and label information.
Edition: 33 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. Krieg Der Spielleute 10:24
02. Niederschrift Eines Seelenjägers23:46  
03. untitled 08:06  
04. untitled 08:50  
05. untitled 07:11  
06. untitled 06:06

A rare excursion for the Bonemachine juggernaut here, this time on a limited edition CDr split release with German band Flutwacht.  This release is available in a hard-copy of only 33 units, but is also available (at least at the time of writing) as a download onthe Bandcamp site of The Tourette Tapes (

Literally translated, the titles of the two Bonemachine songs are 'War of the Minstrels' and 'Written Record of a Soul Hunter', which will give you very little insight into the musical dimensions to be unveiled on playing the disc.  However, as a hardened Honour and Darkness veteran you will doubtless be well on the way to understanding the chronic drone pulsations, repetitive vibrational tunes, morbid explosive impacts and other sonic terrorism that unfurl themselves from the speakers in much the same way that mustard gas rolled inexorably across the Somme. A Bonemachine musical trip is rarely for the faint-hearted, and these two lengthy pieces (one hesitates to call them songs in the usual sense of the word!) fit the bill perfectly, conjuring up various moods and leaving anxiety and disharmony trailing in their wake.

Flutwacht (the solo project of German musician Daniel Simon) has been described as "a contemplative dissolution of sounds with a personal charisma which has made this one of the most interesting acts coming from Germany" and over the years the project has released a high quantity of releases.  In style they inhabit a pure dark industrial ambient, very complex, ever changing and very engaging:dense, obscure and transgressive, at times venturing into industrial styles but with much more complexity than most albums in that genre.

Well worth some exploration of your own...

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