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BLUT - update

Title: Blut 
Format: Cassette reissue on the Wulfrune Worxx label (France) in 2012, cat ref WW303.  Black and white photocopied inlay, together with a round (blood) red sticker on the front of the case with the issue number (which also shown on the rear of the inlay as usual).   
Edition: 66 hand-numbered copies 

Track Listing: 
01. Ozeane der Zeit       
02. Kalte Nacht       
03. Die Karpaten       
04. Mitternacht       
05. Der Pfähler       
06. Sehe deinen Tod       
07. Ein Meer aus Schmerzen       
08. Herr über die Winde       
09. Aufstieg verlorener Seelen       
10. Blut I       
11. Blut II       
12. Apokalypse       
13. Ewigkeit       
14. Zuende   

According to numerous website reviews of the original demo: "In the cold winter of 1998 the battle machine HROSSHARSGRANI formed for their first hit in shape of the rehearsal demo "Blut".  In the beginning Hrossharsgrani wandered the worlds of dark ambient music to tell stories of creatures that walked the night, the undead, vampyres... He paid tribute to the bloody heritage of Lord Byron and Bram Stoker." 

Now, even though Nazgul may be prone to 'bigging-up' Hugin's output on occasion the words "hit" and "Blut" aren't common bedfellows in my lexicon, it has to be said.  It was a perfectly respectable demo, mind you, and contained some memorable songs that were later reworked on the Sanguis CD with mixed results (see that post of 17 July 2009).  Whilst my memory is prone to fail on occasion, I don't recall "Blut" lighting up the European charts in the way that a 'hit' record is supposed to, and even within the underground scene I doubt a straw poll would generate a significant amount of recognition for the work. 

Which is, perhaps, all the more reason to celebrate this re-release on the ever-supportive Wulfrune Worxx label of the 2011 re-mastered version of the demo.  If this pressing seems familiar then there are two reasons for this: Firstly, the recent review (8 March 2012) of the box-set "The Ancient Path" contains these same re-mastered tracks, whilst secondly the cover artwork of this demo will be familiar from Nazgul's previous post on  9 January 2010 of a unique version of "Blut" with the original demo on one side and the tracks from "Sanguis" on the other.  This self-same artwork also adorns the excellent blood-spattered t-shirt that Hugin created for Nazgul some years ago, and remains an excellent piece of artwork. 

Frankly, any opportunity to get your hands on old Hrossharsgrani material is one you really ought to take advantage of if you are interested in the project, as the majority of it is now long sold-out and consequently a bit of a bugger to find. 

This particular tape, Nazgul is proud to report, is #1 of the 66 made,  and sits proudly in the collection next to earlier releases of its brethren.

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