Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Smell The Stench 1st pressing
Tryby 2nd pressing
Title: The Barbarian
Format:  3" CDr pressing in 1st and 2nd editions, detailed below, both released in 2012.  Both come with glossy colour inlay cards.
Reason for update: CDr re-issue of Wulfrune Worxx tape demo
Edition: 1st pressing only 22 copies, 2nd pressing 25 copies

Track Listing:
01. Theology And Civilization  0.57
02. Barbarians  5.56
03. Piano Suite  5.55
04. Anvil Of Crom  0.55

Back in September last year Nazgul plucked from the collection his very limited edition Wulfrune Worxx tape demo of "The Barbarian", noting that a CD re-issue was highly likely to arrive.  This is that item, and in keeping with recent reissues from Uruk Hai in a 3" format it comes in a limited Smell The Stench (Australia) first pressing, followed by an almost equally limited edition on the Polish Tryby label.

Both are nicely packaged with colour inlays front and back, and in the case of the Tryby release an added touch of rustic charm is added with a length of twine being tied across the top of the package.  The Tryby catalogue reference, for information, is 25/2012 which rather neatly gives away the fact that this reissue came in 2012.

As was noted back in the previous review, the music successfully melds both the fantasy elements of Uruk Hai's usual high-quality output to both samples and musical extracts from the original Conan film.  Whilst it's not the longest CDr release you are likely to find, it is one of the more listenable as the familiar elements of the film score are nicely complemented by Hugin's additional touches.

As an aside, the Tryby label collected a number of their 3"CDr pressings into what might be seen as an unofficial box-set release earlier this year, which Nazgul will cover in a future post.  In fact, so many unreviewed Uruk Hai box-sets lie around the Castle library at this present time it's scarcely possible to comprehend, so Nazgul really will have to get his finger out and stick a few up on Honour and Darkness for you (box-sets, that is, not fingers).

And with the 500th post rapidly approaching, your old Uncle Nazgul has got something very exciting lined up for you all ... but more of that anon!

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