Thursday, 28 June 2012

B-MACHINA > the pen!

The B-Machina pen...
Item: A genuine B-Machina biro pen!
Edition: Apparently, only the 1

There's an old saying that is common in most cultures around this fine world of ours - 'the pen is mightier than the sword'.  This was modified in France circa 2002 (on the lines of 'Jean-Marie Le Pen is not mightier than Jacques Chirac'), but otherwise the general sentiment remains consistent.

Extensive empirical testing within the Castle Nazgul library, however, dispels this myth.

As clearly shown by the photographic evidence below, bringing a pen - even a B-Machina one-  into conflict with a 6' broadsword only has one, inevitable result *

It all goes to prove 3 things: firstly, that you should believe little of what you hear, and rely on the evidence from your own senses.  Secondly, that Nazgul clearly has too much time on his hands.  Thirdly, that taking old sayings literally is rather missing the metaphorical point.

Still, it's a fun way of introducing the to the world the one (and apparently only) B-Machina biro pen, just the thing to complement the B-Machina stationery items that we saw at the tail end of 2011.  Another item to add to the weird miscellany of things that form the Hugin museum.

It's a nice thing too, a black body bears the B-Machina crest and the legend "Industrial Folk Hymns", whilst the ink is as black as an orc's heart.

And if you're wondering about the origins of the sword, that too has a dark history in the deepest Alpine reaches that a future Blog update will doubtless be covering in due course...
...proves to be less mighty than the sword
*  No pens were actually harmed during the making of this post

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