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Uruk Hai > untitled promo

Title: Untitled
Format: CDr demo/promo recorded circa 2000 at W.A.R. Productions (Austria) and not intended for general release.  The disc comes with a hand-written rear inlay tray insert, and a plain white cover.
Edition: unknown, presumed to be very low (possibly 1)

Track Listing:
01. Then The Gloom Gathered, Darkness Growing  10.10
02. Ringgeister  1.32
03. A New World Was Born  5.30
04. ...There Was Fight  7.42
05. To Lenore  4.51

The recent coverage of the expansive "Everlasting Wrath Of The Tyrant" box-set put Nazgul in mind of this promo CDr that had been a gift from Hugin some months ago.  Coming in a plain packaging, one assumes that this was the disc on which were recorded the demo tracks for songs that finally found their way onto the "Gone With The Wind" demo, and thereafter the "Darkness" demo tape.  As such, it's quite likely that this is a unique and one-off item, although that particular conjecture is purely speculative at this time.

This promo contains five songs in total, essentially the same as appearing on the aforementioned pair of releases although two slight changes to titles have ensued: '...There Was Fight' becomes 'In The Beginning ... There Was Fight' on the formal release, whilst 'To Lenore' became 'An Lenore', although these are modest alterations.

Interestingly the style of writing of the reverse of this promo (see the first photo) is very similar in style to that found on the "Uber Die Nebelberge Weit" release from 2000, rather than the "Gone With The Wind" demo (which came with a typed rear inlay) on which the songs actually appeared.

In musical terms, the songs come as an excellent refresher in the mighty powers of early Uruk Hai, and bring back some happy memories of those early demo releases from the turn of the last Millennium.  Of particular note is that evil riff in "..There Was Fight", which still comes as a startling punky interjection and remains as unexpected as a swift kick to the gonads.

This mini-trip back into the past also reminds Nazgul of a unique poster that recently arrived in the collection,  so that would seem to be a likely post to try to cover before the end of May.  The rigours of  parenthood and work haven't left an awful lot of free time for Honour and Darkness in recent weeks, but rest assured there's still plenty to be covered in this online catalogue of the varied works of Mr Alexander Wieser...!

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