Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Uruk Hai > Gone With The Wind poster

Item: Poster for the "Gone With The Wind" demo
Edition: 1 copy only

May 2012 has rather been the month of Uruk Hai related items, and as alluded to in the last post here's another interesting item recently unearthed by Hugin from the bowels of W.A.R. Productions.

It's nothing less than a full colour poster promoting the "Gone With The Wind" CDr demo, painted in circa 1999 by Adelheid Bagar (thanks to Hugin for this information).

In fact, more accurately, it's not so much 'a' poster as it is the colour poster, as this seems to be the only one known to exist and thus requires some careful handling (hold your breath, given Nazgul's recent inadvertent destruction of the Mystified/Bonemachine split tape!)

The poster adds a little more information to the original CD cover (shown in photo number two), primarily through the visibility of the ominous sky above the figure, and the tree to the left.

As you would imagine, Nazgul is deeply honoured to be the custodian of such a treasure, and when the soon to be built Hugin museum extension is completed then all of the myriad of posters in the collection will need to be carefully framed and displayed upon its walls.  And upon the grand opening you - honoured reader - are cordially invited to come and view the greatest single collection of musical ephemera from Austria's finest export...!

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