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Title: Hrefnesvinter
Reasons for update: Nazgul's discovery of a different version of this tape release!

Sometimes - admittedly only very occasionally - Honour and Darkness manages to unearth something a little out of the ordinary.  The odd promo-only CDr, a variant of a common pressing, or a bespoke release from Hugin to one of his many fans worldwide, you know the sort of thing - something both collectable and uncommon.  Today's post is in this vein, featuring an update on an old favourite first reviewed back in the very early days of the Blog on the 2 April 2009 - Hrefnesholt's "Hrefnesvinter".

At the time of the original post all seemed fairly straightforward: here was a cassette issued in 2001 through the Portuguese Hallucination 'zine in an edition of 1,000 copies, featuring 5 tracks of ambient mystery from one of Hugin's original projects.  Musically very pleasing, nothing especially unusual about the format or presentation, just a solid and enjoyable Hrefnesholt release.

Imagine Nazgul's surprise some weeks ago, therefore, when a second version of this tape came to light during some random online browsing!  Retaining the original artwork of the Hallucination pressing (and with the same catalogue reference too, HZ013), this particular pressing was released in a very limited quantity of 25 copies on Vinland Winds, which was an American label dedicated to black metal releases.  The label is now defunct, following the death in 2007 of its owner Grimnir Wotansvolk (aka Richard Mills) of Grand Belial's Key.  Presumably, therefore, the total edition for the "Hrefnesvinter" release should now be corrected to be 1,025 copies, allowing for both versions.

In addition to the same glossy inlay as seen in the original release comes an additional paper insert, hand-signed by Hugin, which identifies a bonus track "Trollsturm 88" alongside the edition number. The revised track listing for this v2 pressing is, therefore:

1. Epilogue (Hrefnesholt pt. 1)  2:22    
2. Glorie Draconis  7:12    
3. Hrefnesvinter  14:45    
4. Marsch zu neuen Zeitaltern  3:54    
5. Prologue (Hrefnesholt pt. 2)  1:22
Vinland Winds edition bonus track
6. Trollsturm 88  3.22

The bonus song turns out to be the same 'Trollsturm' that features on the 2005 compilation "Rabentanz", and mention of this discovery to Hugin prompted his distant recollection that this special edition release was issued as part of a trade deal with Vinland Winds, many moons ago.  It makes you wonder how many other as-yet unrecorded variants could yet be out there, waiting to be rediscovered and recorded for posterity?

If you believe you have a unique or rare edition of one of Hugin's bands yet to be seen on these pages, then do contact Nazgul to share your find....

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