Sunday, 13 May 2012

FELAGUND - update

Title: Felagund
Reason for update: The appearance in 2012 of two new re-issues of this demo

You may have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of updates to past posts in recent months on Honour and Darkness.  This is due largely to the liberal programme of reissues that is seeing both old and new material re-appearing on the scene, particularly from Uruk Hai but also from other of Hugin's various projects.  Not that this is to be frowned upon, as it gives newer fans the chance to experience the aural delights of hitherto unavailable material, and gives old hacks like Nazgul the opportunity to have new items to collect to augment his library collection.

The pattern thus far with these reissues has tended to see lavish multi-disc CDr box-sets being thrust upon us - "The Everlasting Wrath Of The Tyrant" (known fondly around these parts as 'The Everlasting Wait For The Tyrant') being one such example, and there are plenty more where that came from.  Indeed, the world has never seen so many Uruk Hai box-sets as in the last twelve months, mostly (though not exclusively) so far coming courtesy of the TryBy and Kadaath labels.

This update bucks the trend, and for that reason is as good an item to look at today as any.  What we essentially have is the 2011 SkullFucking Metal tape pressing of "Felagund" (as reviewed on 16 January 2012) being reissued in no less than two different versions, one a joint release on the Australian Smell The Stench label (along with Disorderly Domain) and the other on the aforementioned TryBy label from Poland.

However, the interesting bit is that both versions are on tape, making three separate tape pressings in all. Both reissues have full colour inlays and both retain the same songs in the same order as the original pressing.  All of which begs the obvious question, "why?"  A difficult one to fathom really, other than the opportunity to make the release more available.  The trouble with that theory is that with the original SfM release being unlimited (as far as Nazgul could see) then the limited edition versions on Smell The Stench (33 numbered copies) and TryBy (25 numbered copies) really don't make this demo any more available than before.

Still, not Nazgul's place to reason why and I'm sure that a few of you out there have managed to pick up one or other of these three releases (if you also have two or more different pressings of "Felagund" then you are well on your way to being a true Huginophile - and should seek medical attention immediately) so given the quality of the presentation and the music it all seems to be a worthwhile endeavor.

With nothing different musically to consider, let's cast a fiery eye over the artwork.  TryBy have gone for the 'red-eyed evil warrior brandishing red-glowing mace whilst seated on red-eyed evil war-horse' approach on their cover, reminding Nazgul of nothing less than his last trip into the village from the Castle in order to pillage for supplies.  The label reference for this release, incidentally, is 20/2012.

Smell The Stench, on the other hand, have seen fit to plump for the 'red-eyed evil undead warrior desecrating corpses' route instead, which is precisely the sort of unpleasant subject matter you might expect from this excellent label! Quite what said undead abomination is actually doing lurking around the bodies of two naked females is probably best not considered in depth...

And in with the Smell The Stench tape was this paper flyer advertising the album, showing a joint release credit with Disorderly Domain.

All in all, any 'new' release from Hugin's bands is a good enough reason for celebration at Castle Nazgul, reissues included, and with even more product available out there let's hope some of these items find their way to new fans who will follow the work as closely as Nazgul has these past years...

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