Monday, 16 April 2012

NOVASAK / BONEMACHINE split tape - update

Title: Untitled Novasak and Bonemachine split tape
Reason for update: A new addition to the collection, plus sightings from around the world!

You begin to realise when the collecting obsession becomes all consuming at the point that you readily lay down money to purchase something you already own.

Take this split tape between Bonemachine and Novasak, for instance: Originally reviewed back on 23 April 2009, Nazgul's copy #7 (of an edition numbered to 16, although we'll come back to that matter shortly!) sat contentedly in splendid isolation within the Castle library for many a year until - idly speculating one day - Nazgul said, "I wonder if any other copies of this release are out there for sale....?"

The reason for such cogitations was simply because each of the tapes was purportedly different, with the cover having been cunningly - and uniquely - constructed from a carefully chopped piece of circuit board. With only 16 in existence, Nazgul was inevitably curious to see whether he could find out what some of the other designs looked like. Another trigger for this musing came from the a comparable situation in the recent update of the Bonemachine "Another Time" box-set post, where another of the 7 different badges that accompanied that set was revealed.

And so a quick hunt began, and - inevitably perhaps, as it was only a matter of time before Nazgul's wallet was due another pummelling - another copy was located in Israel. The online photo of the tape looked rather familiar though, although it was advertised as copy #4 and therefore should have been different in design. That particular anomaly turned out to be because the seller had used the previous Honour and Darkness photo (of Nazgul's copy) to illustrate their item, and assurances were swiftly obtained to establish that the cover was indeed different to that shown.

And as the photo below and at the top of this post will validate, this is indeed the case! Incidentally, whilst it may look to be upside-down given the writing on the board, the tape is shown the correct way up in order to open to the right (as my other copy does).

So that made for two copies accounted for. A further bit of internet sleuthing identified photographs of 2 further versions of this release (edition numbers unknown), one of which was on the Novasak website and which is shown below. This proved quite interesting in fact, as from the slightly odd angel this photo is taken it does actually look quite a lot like #7 in Nazgul's collection, so perhaps an email might need to be sent to get a face-on photo sent over! It also suggests on the site that there were only 15 copies of the tape, which is different information but - I think - this must be a typo as the 2 copies Nazgul has are clearly numbered /16.

The second copy - fourth overall, for those of you keeping score - was identified through the Club Debil online music review site, and shows a splendidly detailed cover with all manner of interesting gizmos sticking out of it!

In swapping some of this information with Hugin in recent days, some additional information came to light! You may recall from the original post in 2009 Hugin had commented that cutting the circuit board to make the covers was tough going, and as such a pretty hard job. Well, it was clearly harder than we imagined, as Hugin revealed that he had 3 incomplete copies of the tape in W.A.R Productions, each waiting for its cover to be completed!

Applying some basic maths, we can therefore establish that a maximum of only 13 copies can be at large out in the wide world, 4 of which we've now captured for posterity on Honour and Darkness. It also transpires that somewhere deep in a box within W.A.R. lurks Hugin's own copy, so at some point in the future we'll have a second update on this subject.

The search for the remaining 8 copies continues...but until then, here are Nazgul's pair of tapes to round things off with.

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