Friday, 6 April 2012

Celebration Day!

Everyone sing together now, "Happy Birthday to you..."

Nazgul has been a little remiss in remembering anniversaries in recent months: Indeed, the third anniversary of Honour and Darkness itself passed unmarked in February such were the hectic nature of events around Castle Nazgul earlier this year.

However, one anniversary that shall not pass is that of our Austrian hero, Hugin, who celebrates his birthday this Saturday, the 7th April. Yes, we're a little early with the post, but what's a day or two when it comes to enjoying a birthday? And whilst Hugin may not be 666 years old just yet, you have to admit that it's one hell of a cake!

To celebrate the event, Nazgul posts for your delight a few previously unseen photographs of the main man, starting with this one of the young Hugin contemplating a career in music.

They say from little acorns mighty oaks do grow, and judging from the look on this little acorn's face a melody or two for an early Uruk Hai song might be springing to his mind. Young Alex may only be a mere 18 months or so old here, but already shows a preference for being photographed next to trees and clearly has the natty clothes sense necessary for a life in the rock 'n' roll fast lane.

Speaking of acorns as we were, they say the fruit never falls far from the tree (Nazgul soldiers on fearlessly with his tree metaphors), and proof of that comes with this shot of Hugin Jnr (Erik) being inducted in the dark art of heavy metal greetings by his proud father.

And Lo! Here's that man again, and would (wood?) you believe it he's in the middle of conducting an arcane incantation: standing in front of a small copse of trees, Hugin unleashes his dark magic...

... and, Abracadabra! He's summoned a piece of tree to wield as a staff of power! Clever stuff, and these shamanic powers are no doubt just one of the reasons that his recent Hrefnesholt releases have managed to capture the majesty of the woods so well...

Tempted though Nazgul is to lumber on with more dreadful tree-related puns, it might be a good time to leaf well alone and to branch out into something else lest you conclude that he's barking mad.

So, instead, let's spruce ourselves up and present a bit of April 7th birthday trivia for you: This auspicious date also marked the crucifixion of Jesus by Roman troops in Jerusalem (according to scholarly estimates); the sale of the world's first 'friction match' in 1827; an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1906 (shortly followed by an eruption of Mount Doom, no doubt); the lifting of the prohibition ban on beer sales in 19 States of the USA in 1933; and the establishment of the World Health Organisation in Switzerland in 1948.

And to finish on a musical note, it turns out that Hugin shares his birthday with none other than Posh Spice (of Spice Girls 'fame')! How totally tree-mendous!

Happy Birthday, Alex!

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