Monday, 30 April 2012


Title: Northern Lights Part II
Format: Currently a cassette-only demo released in 2012 on the Wulfrune Worxx (France) label, catalogue reference WW316, and released with a black and white single-sided copied inlay.
Edition: Only 25 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. The Shire (featuring Phil Knight of Odium)  3.08
02. The Uruk Hai (Part VII)  12.15
03. Gollum (Bounded In Eternity)  3.29

Nazgul was rather excited when this demo tape arrived at the Castle.  Firstly, it was not a release that he had anticipated and as a result it came as a very nice surprise.  Secondly, being a short demo of three separate songs, it carries a different feel from the more recent 'one-long-song' style Uruk Hai demos, far more in keeping with the sort of releases the band was known for back in the 2003-05 period: the "Battle Magic", "Honour" or "Ea" type recordings, coming in very small quantity with short, dynamic songs.

Speaking of "Ea" as we just were, the inside of the inlay for "Northern Lights (Part II) carries an illustration of trees on a hillside that surely must be from the same part of the world as those shown on the reverse of the "Ea" inlay?

Only 25 copies of this short demo are being produced by Wulfrune Worxx, and given the doubtful economics of the tape trading world you have to wonder if the label actually make any money at all from the enterprise after taking their costs into account?  However, the murky world of finance aside, thank goodness Wulfrune continue to support Hugin's work in this manner, as without wonderful labels such as this the underground scene would surely vanish and we'd never have a chance to share such good music.

'The Shire' starts the ball (or, more accurately, the tape) rolling, and with a melodic introduction played on synthesized flute you may be forgiven for thinking this is going to be a gentle walk through the Baggins' estate, admiring the flowers en route to Bilbo's birthday party.  Not so!  A scream and crisp military drum beat soon follow and floating into the mix comes the unmistakable sound of Odium's own Phil Knight on guitar.  In short, a brief, atmospheric instrumental piece (allowing for the screams!) and a very pleasant way to kick things off.

The meat and potatoes of this demo, however, is the middle song of the three, 'The Uruk Hai (Part VII)'.  Much like the Halloween saga whose protagonist Michael Myers refuses to die, so the Uruk Hai series continues unabated, armed to the teeth and rampant with bloodlust!  A slow-paced and progressive song (in as far as it builds nicely using melody and repetition, as opposed to going all Rush-style 'prog' on you) it's a majestic piece, and if you had to create an image to accompany the music you could imagine a band of Uruk Hai slowly trudging through the snow-filled passes of the Misty Mountains, presumably on their way to drop in unexpectedly on that birthday party in the Shire, the immense walls of rock and deep chasms of snow all that lies between them and their prey!  Lots to absorb here, including some excellent piano passages that generate a tranquil moment in the heart of the song.

For those keeping notes and using Honour and Darkness as a source of reference, the first five parts of 'The Uruk Hai' are compiled onto the 2010 split with Vinterriket "Nachtschwarze Momente / The Uruk-Hai", having been drawn from various releases including "Valkyrian Romance", "Elbenmacht" and "Black Blood, White Hand" to name three.  Part VI in the series was a more recent release, appearing on "Elbentraum".

'Gollum (Bounded In Eternity)' finishes the demo off neatly, and has an unusual and catchy hook at the outset, descending into a more gloomy place as it progresses, mirroring the life of the unfortunate creature himself.  Something of an eerie song, and at times it comes across as sounding rather like a vintage Elisabetha recording.  Not your standard Uruk Hai fare, and that's why we like collecting these odd demos!

There's not a whole lot to ostensibly connect this tape to the original "Northern Lights" album save the indirect Tolkien themes, although whilst Arkillery's Krom made his presence known on the original album Odium's Phil Knight makes an equally effective cameo appearance on this one.

An edition of just 25 copies suggests that Hugin/Wulfrune Worxx weren't exactly expecting this to be a best-seller, which in a way is a shame as there's much to enjoy here and inevitably very few will get to hear/own it in this format.  However, as recent years have taught us, the likelihood of this material reappearing on successive releases is pretty high so I don't imagine we've heard the last of these songs (and, of course, if you're the proud owner of compilation box-set "Angband", some will already be familiar to you anyway).

Highly recommended!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Followers of Honour and Darkness ... #5

Well, it's been an absolute age since we last ran a Followers of Honour and Darkness item - March 2011 to be precise - so this particular post comes as a particular pleasure.  And some rare items abound within the collection of our featured Huginphile today, so without further ado let's meet another one of our own...

Q1. Hello! Tell us your name?
A1. Hello! My name is Denis.

Q2. Whereabouts in the world do you live?
A2. I'm living in the City of Halle (Germany), the birthplace of the famous baroque composer G.F. Händel.

Q3. Your age? 
A3. Somewhere between 35 and 40, far beyond of Logan's Run time

Q4. And what do you do for a living? 
A4. My job is to assure the best customer experience for a great logistics company. So the wonderful soundscapes of Uruk Hai bring me down from very stressful working time.

Q5. Your favourite style of music? 
A5. It is a wide range of music …. from harsh (h)electro over Death/Black Metal to ambient music.

Q6. Your favourite other bands (non-Hugin)? 
A6. e.g. Leæther Strip, Painbastard, Moloch, Agalloch, Amon Amarth, Vinterriket, Forgotten Land and many more

Q7. The first album you ever bought...?
A7. Once upon a time in Bulgaria 1987. Whilst visiting the capital city Sofia I bought two LPs: Madonna and Duran Duran. Oh yes, I know what you think. The only excuse is… I was young...!

Q8. ...And the latest album you have bought?
A8. Moloch's clear vinyl LP "Isolation der Essenz".

Q9. Your favourite food? 
A9. My girlfriend's very delicious version of Spaghetti Bolognese.

Q10. Your favourite film? 
A10. Nearly all kinds of dystopian movies, e.g. 1984.

Q11. Your favourite book?
A11. Umberto Eco's 'The Name Of The Rose'.

Q12. How long have you been reading Honour and Darkness?
A12. Over 2 years now.

Q13. Where and how did you discover Hugin's music?
A13. By looking after new music inspiration in a nearby shopping mall 8 years ago approximately. Next to a Vinterriket CD I discovered Uruk Hai's "The Battle". Thereafter you can call me a collector…!

Q14. Do you follow any particular project(s) of Hugin, or all of them? 
A14. All of the projects are very interesting.

Q15. What was your first Hugin-related purchase?
A15. As mentioned above Uruk Hai's "The Battle", the one and only release I purchased in a traditional music store.

Q16. What was the last thing you bought that Hugin composed?
A16. Recently the split tape of Uruk Hai and Wear And Tear.

Q17. What is your favourite release from Hugin's discography to date, and why?
A17. That's not easy to say. Possibly Uruk Hai's "Across The Misty Mountains". It is very often played and the ambient sound creates an imaginary movie in my thoughts.

Q18. What items/release(s) do you most treasure in your collection of Hugin's stuff? 
A18. The most limited ones in my collections: Darkness Box, Orkstahl, Honour tape (Christhunt edition).

Q19. Are there any particular releases of his that are you looking for? 
A19. There is always a long list of wanted releases… a collector's doom!

Q20. Do you have a message for Hugin?
A20. Hugin, I wish you good health, endless inspirations and good luck. Keep on producing awesome music.

Q21. What message do you have for your fellow readers of Honour & Darkness? 
A21. Support our hero …  and don't buy the very limited releases before I get them!

Nazgul sends hails and thanks to Denis, and hope that you've enjoyed this fifth insight into Hugin's diverse brotherhood...

Monday, 23 April 2012


Title: Middle Earth Part III: The Orc Inferno
Format: Cassette tape release on Wulfrune Worxx (France) in 2011, cat ref WW299.  The tape comes with the 'standard' Wulfrune presentation featuring a good quality black and white copied inlay.  
Edition: 66 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
Side A
01. The Orc Inferno  
Side B 
02. The Orc Inferno  

Here we have Part III in Hugin's 'Middle Earth' saga, a series which so far on Honour and Darkness has garnered one hit ("Part I - The Hither Lands") and one rare miss ("Part II - The Outer Lands").  Let's see which way this third instalment tips the balance...

But before we do - just for some unnecessary suspense - a quick word on the artwork for this release.  Given the sub-title "The Orc Inferno" it comes as little surprise to see a motley crew of orcs featured on the inlay (indeed, one of them looks suspiciously like Motley Crue's own Mick Mars, but that's another story).  None of them appear to be on fire, however, which then begs the question of where the 'inferno' fits into the overall theme.  

So, out comes Nazgul's battered old dictionary, and an inferno is defined as 'a place or condition suggestive of hell, especially with respect to human suffering or death: e.g. the inferno of battle' or simplistically as 'a place of fiery heat or destruction'.  Hmmmm, sounds like the vast cauldrons of heated oil on the battlements of Castle Nazgul have got themselves a new nickname - 'Inferno Towers' has a nice ring to it.

Anyway, back to the plot, and the inferno in question is therefore presumed to be the blazing fire of orcish battle as opposed to a widespread conflagration of the green-skinned brethren.  Carrying this expectation one might imagine the music would match this scene, being full of incendiary ferocity and heat-seared battle-samples.  Well, you would be quite wrong!  Hugin has created something quite gentle and atmospheric here, and rather than going for the throat the lengthy recording transports across a number of ambient levels with a sensitivity of touch quite out of keeping for anything with the word 'Orc' in the title.

It's quite haunting in places, and very much one of those tracks that will play out in your mind's-eye, creating vivid scenes from the realm of Middle-Earth.  I think we can safely score this one as a 'hit' too, tilting the balance back into credit for the Middle-Earth series as a whole (so far - there's more parts to come, folks!) and proving to be an unexpectedly relaxing listen.

And let's take a moment to give some kudos where it's due for Wulfrune Worxx and Kommando Skogen, who tirelessly and with no fuss whatsoever continues to issue these great demos from Hugin.

Let's end today's post with some random orc-related trivia!  Do you know that Tolkien once expressed an intention to change the spelling to 'ork', but the only place where that spelling occurred in his lifetime was in the published version of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, in the poem Bombadil Goes Boating: "I'll call the orks on you: that'll send you running"?  What's that you say - you did know?  Pah!  

Monday, 16 April 2012

NOVASAK / BONEMACHINE split tape - update

Title: Untitled Novasak and Bonemachine split tape
Reason for update: A new addition to the collection, plus sightings from around the world!

You begin to realise when the collecting obsession becomes all consuming at the point that you readily lay down money to purchase something you already own.

Take this split tape between Bonemachine and Novasak, for instance: Originally reviewed back on 23 April 2009, Nazgul's copy #7 (of an edition numbered to 16, although we'll come back to that matter shortly!) sat contentedly in splendid isolation within the Castle library for many a year until - idly speculating one day - Nazgul said, "I wonder if any other copies of this release are out there for sale....?"

The reason for such cogitations was simply because each of the tapes was purportedly different, with the cover having been cunningly - and uniquely - constructed from a carefully chopped piece of circuit board. With only 16 in existence, Nazgul was inevitably curious to see whether he could find out what some of the other designs looked like. Another trigger for this musing came from the a comparable situation in the recent update of the Bonemachine "Another Time" box-set post, where another of the 7 different badges that accompanied that set was revealed.

And so a quick hunt began, and - inevitably perhaps, as it was only a matter of time before Nazgul's wallet was due another pummelling - another copy was located in Israel. The online photo of the tape looked rather familiar though, although it was advertised as copy #4 and therefore should have been different in design. That particular anomaly turned out to be because the seller had used the previous Honour and Darkness photo (of Nazgul's copy) to illustrate their item, and assurances were swiftly obtained to establish that the cover was indeed different to that shown.

And as the photo below and at the top of this post will validate, this is indeed the case! Incidentally, whilst it may look to be upside-down given the writing on the board, the tape is shown the correct way up in order to open to the right (as my other copy does).

So that made for two copies accounted for. A further bit of internet sleuthing identified photographs of 2 further versions of this release (edition numbers unknown), one of which was on the Novasak website and which is shown below. This proved quite interesting in fact, as from the slightly odd angel this photo is taken it does actually look quite a lot like #7 in Nazgul's collection, so perhaps an email might need to be sent to get a face-on photo sent over! It also suggests on the site that there were only 15 copies of the tape, which is different information but - I think - this must be a typo as the 2 copies Nazgul has are clearly numbered /16.

The second copy - fourth overall, for those of you keeping score - was identified through the Club Debil online music review site, and shows a splendidly detailed cover with all manner of interesting gizmos sticking out of it!

In swapping some of this information with Hugin in recent days, some additional information came to light! You may recall from the original post in 2009 Hugin had commented that cutting the circuit board to make the covers was tough going, and as such a pretty hard job. Well, it was clearly harder than we imagined, as Hugin revealed that he had 3 incomplete copies of the tape in W.A.R Productions, each waiting for its cover to be completed!

Applying some basic maths, we can therefore establish that a maximum of only 13 copies can be at large out in the wide world, 4 of which we've now captured for posterity on Honour and Darkness. It also transpires that somewhere deep in a box within W.A.R. lurks Hugin's own copy, so at some point in the future we'll have a second update on this subject.

The search for the remaining 8 copies continues...but until then, here are Nazgul's pair of tapes to round things off with.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Slave To The Fingers
Format: Enhanced CD EP released by Australian guitarist Joe Matera on 28 November 2011 as a joint release between Hugin's W.A.R. Productions label , cat ref WAR068, and the Australian Mercury Fire label. Colour inlays, with jewel-case. Hugin has directed the bonus video clip on this release.
Edition: Unlimited

Track Listing:
01. Intro 0:30
02. Slave to the Fingers 3:37
03. Cruise Control 3:09
04. Out of the Blue 3:03
05. Face Off 2:51
06. Face Off (video) 3.03

You might reasonably wonder why an EP by Australian guitarist Joe Matera is featuring in today's post, given that it is Hugin's material that forms the basis of Honour and Darkness content. Well, the answer is simple enough, really: As Hugin himself tells the story, "I know Joe because he did a solo on the "Cold Sweat" CD. I simply wrote an email to him, and later he sent some of his own tracks to me to ask me if I could do a video clip for him like I did for 'Cold Sweat'. I liked his music and offered to release his next album at W.A.R."

So there you have it, simple really. Incidentally, Honour and Darkness reviewed Atomkraft's "Cold Sweat" EP in late October last year. And there's some exciting news in the pipeline regarding future plans for Joe and Hugin, as you will discover later in this post...

So, some basic introductions are in order. Joe Matera is an Australian solo instrumental artist and rock guitarist with a CV that includes being lead guitarist in Australian rock outfit Geisha and founding lead guitarist for classic rock band Double Vision. He has also contributed guitar to a number of various projects and recordings, one of which we now know includes being guest guitar soloist on legendary UK metallers Atomkraft's scorching cover of Thin Lizzy's 'Cold Sweat'.

Joe's website is well worth a visit ( as it will give you the full picture of the man's work and influences far better than Nazgul's crazed ramblings. However, a noteworthy fact is that Joe is also a respected music journalist as well and during the course of his career, Joe has interviewed a who's who of the music world as well as spending time on tour with numerous artists, including Aerosmith, Metallica, Guns & Roses, The Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, Foo Fighters, Matchbox Twenty, Kiss, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Steely Dan, Roxy Music, The Doors, Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Queens Of The Stone Age, Korn, Motorhead, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Cheap Trick, Hinder, Tool, Triumph, Stone Temple Pilots, Ratt, The Cars, The Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Nickelback, Alice Cooper, New York Dolls, Slayer, Badfinger, Foreigner, Blondie, Yes, Megadeth, HIM, Linkin Park, The Shadows, John Mayer "and many, many others". Egads, I bet he's got a few road stories worth telling!

So, name-dropping aside, back to "Slave To The Fingers": described as "an all electric solo instrumental release featuring four brand new studio tracks, all showcasing Matera's six string talents".

Cribbing shamelessly from some of the PR on Joe's own site, "the EP begins in bombastic fashion with a brief balls to the wall rocking interlude aptly titled 'Intro', before Matera's tasteful melodic playing takes centre stage on the title track 'Slave To The Fingers'. Underscored by some eclectic styling, the track also features a special guest appearance by guitarist Mick McConnell from legendary rock band Smokie who contributes a breathtaking guitar solo on the track.

Next up 'Cruise Control', leads the charge as the EP's first single and is a soaring melodious affair, peppered by harmony guitars and a spirit recalling the halcyon days of 1970's classic guitar rock. 'Out Of The Blue' shifts things into overdrive, with Matera's harder rocking elements coming to the fore, for an all out sonic ear assault before 'Face Off', Matera's first all electric instrumental single from early 2011, and here being issued for the first time on CD, closes the EP majestically. The tight, rocking rhythm section backing Matera on "Slave To The Fingers" is comprised of Englishman Tony 'Demolition' Dolan (Venom, Atomkraft) on bass and American James Strickler (Angellic Rage) on drums."

And, do you know, your old Uncle Nazgul wouldn't disagree with any of that. On the first few listens, the two names that sprang to my mind as comparative-sounding guitarists in terms of some of the melodies and chops were Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult) circa his "Flat Out" solo album, and Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits early releases. Clearly Nazgul's knowledge of the wider world of melodic rock is limited somewhat, being stuck in Castle Nazgul, but for what it's worth that's his opinion! And given that both of those players have laid down some rather tasty tracks over the years, it's no bad comparison either. What you won't get here - thank goodness - is overplaying or ill-conceived shredding just for the sake of it, which can be a problem on solo outings from other guitarists that will remain nameless...

And what of the video directed by Hugin? Well, listening to the track "Face Off" you're struck by the driving force behind the music: there's real hop-on-a-Harley and cruise into the sunset vibe going on. Quite appropriate, therefore, to find Hugin's video takes you behind the wheel of a car going down the freeway (or, to be entirely accurate, from the autobahns around Linz and Kärnten!) with some overlaid visual effects and the odd clip of Joe in the background. Speaking of videos, there's also a promotional video for this EP that you can find on YouTube via

And so back to the 'exciting news' mentioned earlier. In an interview with Tastes Like Rock, Joe reveals that he's working on some new material with Rich Davenport, who guests with Hugin in Manwe:

"I am working another new instrumental release, this time a full album. I am hoping to release that, all going to plan, later this year. I am also working on two other projects. One is a new band project under the moniker of Davenport/Matera, which is comprised of myself and UK singer/songwriter/guitarist Rich Davenport and is rounded out with a bassist and drummer. We have co-written all the material together and share the lead guitar duties and it is in the vein of Thin Lizzy meets AC/DC meets Blondie"

We also discover that:

"I am also laying down guitar tracks for an ambient/goth/metal project called Uruk-Hai. These tracks will appear on Uruk-Hai’s new album due for release in late 2012. So am busy, busy, busy…"

Add to this the news that there's a split release between Hrefnesholt and Joe coming this way soon and the garden starts to look very rosy indeed!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Celebration Day!

Everyone sing together now, "Happy Birthday to you..."

Nazgul has been a little remiss in remembering anniversaries in recent months: Indeed, the third anniversary of Honour and Darkness itself passed unmarked in February such were the hectic nature of events around Castle Nazgul earlier this year.

However, one anniversary that shall not pass is that of our Austrian hero, Hugin, who celebrates his birthday this Saturday, the 7th April. Yes, we're a little early with the post, but what's a day or two when it comes to enjoying a birthday? And whilst Hugin may not be 666 years old just yet, you have to admit that it's one hell of a cake!

To celebrate the event, Nazgul posts for your delight a few previously unseen photographs of the main man, starting with this one of the young Hugin contemplating a career in music.

They say from little acorns mighty oaks do grow, and judging from the look on this little acorn's face a melody or two for an early Uruk Hai song might be springing to his mind. Young Alex may only be a mere 18 months or so old here, but already shows a preference for being photographed next to trees and clearly has the natty clothes sense necessary for a life in the rock 'n' roll fast lane.

Speaking of acorns as we were, they say the fruit never falls far from the tree (Nazgul soldiers on fearlessly with his tree metaphors), and proof of that comes with this shot of Hugin Jnr (Erik) being inducted in the dark art of heavy metal greetings by his proud father.

And Lo! Here's that man again, and would (wood?) you believe it he's in the middle of conducting an arcane incantation: standing in front of a small copse of trees, Hugin unleashes his dark magic...

... and, Abracadabra! He's summoned a piece of tree to wield as a staff of power! Clever stuff, and these shamanic powers are no doubt just one of the reasons that his recent Hrefnesholt releases have managed to capture the majesty of the woods so well...

Tempted though Nazgul is to lumber on with more dreadful tree-related puns, it might be a good time to leaf well alone and to branch out into something else lest you conclude that he's barking mad.

So, instead, let's spruce ourselves up and present a bit of April 7th birthday trivia for you: This auspicious date also marked the crucifixion of Jesus by Roman troops in Jerusalem (according to scholarly estimates); the sale of the world's first 'friction match' in 1827; an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1906 (shortly followed by an eruption of Mount Doom, no doubt); the lifting of the prohibition ban on beer sales in 19 States of the USA in 1933; and the establishment of the World Health Organisation in Switzerland in 1948.

And to finish on a musical note, it turns out that Hugin shares his birthday with none other than Posh Spice (of Spice Girls 'fame')! How totally tree-mendous!

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Return To The Green Fields: Version 2011
Format: A 3" CDr pressing inside 2 colour glossy card inserts. Released in 2012 by Smell The Stench (Australia), no catalogue reference.
Edition: Limited to 11 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. Return To The Green Fields 18.49

This release contains an expanded version of the song 'Die Rückkehr Zu Den Grünen Feldern' that debuted on the very limited edition (even by Hugin's standards) "Lebenin" tape in 2009, and which then appeared on the split demo "Zeitzeichen" recorded with Draumar later that year. The original song was 14:21 in duration, so having applied some deft mental arithmetic you'll note that this expanded version comes with almost four and a half minutes of additional material: this is found late in the sing, coming in the form a doom-laden echoing ambient passage of music that is more in keeping with a trip down into the fetid bowels of Moria rather than a walk across green fields, but there you go.

In some respects this is a return to the 'Return...' as subsequent to the 2009 releases the track made an appearance on the "Ein Zeitzeichen von Lebenin" compilation tape and also on the "Angband" compilation CD. And just to complete the picture, it also makes an appearance in revised 2011 format on the yet-to-be-reviewed split tape "United with the Fallen Ones..." that features Uruk-Hai, Gromkult and Zloslut. Quite the popular track, so it seems...

Now, just to confuse even further, this particular 3"CDr edition is the 1st pressing on Smell The Stench, limited to 11 copies. There is already a second pressing available, in a larger edition of 25 copies and on the TryBy label, which comes in essentially the same packaging except for the fact that the inlay cards are tied together with twine. Presumably twine obtained from cotton plants in those green fields. As these Tryby pressings cover a number of recent Uruk Hai 3" releases, Honour and Darkness will pick them up in a future post, as rather handily the label produced a limited edition metal box-set that compiled them on one place.

The outstanding question in all of this, of course, is what particular 'green fields' could be the subject matter for this song. Well, you can use your imagination to determine that for yourself: if you are in a Tolkien frame of mind, you might consider it to be a reference to 'The Battle of Greenfields', which was fought in the year 2747 of the Third Age at the Shire's Northfarthing.

In this skirmish, a band of Orcs from the Misty Mountains (led by a chief called Golfimbul) was confronted by Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took, younger brother to the Thain of the Shire, and a force of hobbits. Golfimbul was killed and the orcs were defeated. According to legend, Bullroarer decapitated the orc chieftain with one swing of his club; Golfimbul's head rolled down a rabbit hole, and thus the game of golf was allegedly invented. It's all true you know - this is partly why Nazgul didn't post this story on 1st April, in case it was seen as an April Fool's joke. Anyway, this event preceded the War of the Ring by more than 250 years.

It could also theoretically be a reference to Gladiator, and the speech by Maximum in which he says, "If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled; for you are in Elysium, and you're already dead!", which has featured in Hugin's past recordings (from memory, on the "Iron Age" release, but don't take that as gospel). That said, for all we know Hugin may have been inspired whilst on a walk through the green lawns of Linz's Botanical Gardens, which holds - you will be as interested to learn as I was - the finest collection of cacti in Europe...!

More Uruk Hai 3"CDr recordings to come in due course - watch this space!