Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Title: Nargothrond
Format: 2012 reissue of the tape demo in a 2 x 3"CDr package on Smell The Stench (Australia). Full colour front and rear card inlays, and two white label 3" discs. Item comes in a clear plastic bag.
Edition: Only 15 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. The Fellowship 03:14
02. The Ancient Tower (The Great Underground Fortress) 11:20
03. The Sound Of Nargothrond 05:13

04. Nargothrond (Return To The Great Underground Fortress) 08:44
05. A Dragons Destiny 10:13

There's something of a theme developing in the deep, dark realms of Austria: early tape demos from a variety of Hugin's projects are being reissued with new (or enhanced) artwork on CD format, either via elaborate box-sets or in other interesting formats, such as these 3" discs.

Whilst the numbers being released are still very small in the majority of cases - this reissue of the 2011 demo "Nargothrond" sees only 15 copies being produced, in contrast to the original tape edition of 86 copies on Wulfrune Worxx - the opportunity is nonetheless there for intrepid fans to avail themselves of the majestic sounds of Uruk Hai (and others) in what is sure to become a collectable format.

And there's more - some of these 2012 reissues are themselves already becoming the subject of third pressings on different labels! This sounds like an expensive and potentially ruinous business for the collector who must have everything ("guilty, m'lord"), but which may offer something different again in terms of content or format. And, let's be honest, one can never have too much material from Hugin in one's Castle after all...!

This Smell The Stench pressing of "Nargothrond" is an excellent example of the current trend. Sporting the same cover artwork as the Wulfrune Worxx pressing (though this time presented in glorious technicolour), the songs are the same as the original demo although put into a different running order, presumably to accommodate the limited playing time of the 3" disc format.

Musically this is the same release as that reviewed in Honour and Darkness on 8 December 2011, so there are no surprises to spring on you on that count and Nazgul encourages you to revisit the earlier post should you need more details. In short, it's a great release and well worth an investment of time and money.

Nazgul has occasionally pondered what some of the earlier demos would look like with a colour cover rather than their original black and white ones, and if they would all look this good then a limited edition box-set reissue of early tapes with colour inlays must surely be something to lobby W.A.R. Productions about!

And what odds are there on a special CDr box-set to reissue the miscellany of strange, scarce and downright unique demos from the likes of Ill, Ravenclaw, Raben Nacht, Heimatleid and/or the infamous Guts For Dinner? Well, bloody small Nazgul would imagine ... but he'd be first in the queue to buy one!

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