Thursday, 29 March 2012


Title: Lullaby for William
Format: MP3 track
Edition: A special one-off composition for Nazgul Jnr

Track Listing:
01. Lullaby For William 3.48

Like any proud father, Nazgul can't wait to show the world his beautiful baby son, born on Monday 19 March 2012 at 03:45.

Currently the Castle is reverberating to the sound of not one, but two new sounds: the lusty cries of baby William (which when in full flow drown out even the moans and pleas of the prisoners in the nearby oubliettes), and the tinkling refrains of this rather splendid lullaby composed by none other than Hugin himself to help get the little lad off to sleep!

What a fine fellow Hugin is, to be sure!

And, it has to be said, so far, so good: Although, even the mesmerising sounds of chimes and almost medieval Renaissance melodies from Hugin's talented fingers don't always win out against the voracious thirst for milk that Nazgul's heir possesses. Soon not even milk will slake his cravings, at which point the local population will need to be very wary indeed....

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