Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Band: Guts For Dinner
Demo 1
Reason for update: The original colour artwork for the demo has come to light!

Of the myriad of items covered in Honour and Darkness since February 2009 this particular demo would be pretty far down the list of one expected to receive an update. After all, it was a one-time deal in terms of output, with this CDr being the band's only formal demo. As a reminder for those not keeping notes, Guts For Dinner was Hugin's very short-lived grindcore project which recorded this sole demo, and was apparently inspired by a fan who also happened to be a grindcore fan - see Nazgul's post of 21 July 2009 for the full story.

The one additional Guts For Dinner-related item that Nazgul has been on the look-out for is a long-deleted (and currently missing-in-action) compilation cassette called something on the lines of "American Graveyard volume 1" on which, it is alleged, a Guts For Dinner song resides. If this proves to be true and the tape is ever found then that update will be a happy day, for it has so-far eluded the fiery eye atop Castle Nazgul.

However, as Nazgul has learned over the years, always expect the unexpected!

More pertinently for this update, though, is the story of this discovery: In a recent parcel of new releases from W.A.R. came an innocuous looking sheet of paper that proved to be quite the find! As you will have seen from the accompanying photos, it proved to be the original cover artwork for the first pressing of Guts For Dinner's "Demo 1". The two colour covers have been stuck onto a sheet of A4 paper by Hugin, and from this sheet black and white photocopies were taken for the inlays. The front cover, resplendent in black and silver, looks good and its choice of colours is no real surprise, but the purple rear cover tint certainly came as a bit of a shock and - Nazgul concludes - looks damn fine!

So much so, in fact, that a little colour copying might well be in order so that a colour version of this demo can grace the Castle library!

The photos below show the cover of this coloured artwork (the upper image of the two) against the actual demo as issued by W.A.R.

Right - let's get back to the search for that bloody Graveyard tape....

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