Saturday, 31 March 2012


Title: Another Time
Reason for update: the fourth badge of seven comes to light...

Today's brief update comes to you courtesy of Honour and Darkness reader Stormnetz, who is based in Germany.

To recap our story so far: the Eastern Front label released just 7 wooden box-set versions of the Bonemachine "Another Time" demo, each coming in a handsome slide-out box looking a little like a book. Each of these seven boxes contained a unique metal military-themed badge. Nazgul's own box (imported from Brazil, believe it or not) was reviewed way back on 28 February 2009 and contained a battleship badge.

A hunt was subsequently started to track down the remaining six badges to see what they were.

Two came to light fairly quickly and were displayed in the update of 22 August 2009. They came via the good folk at the Eastern Front themselves (hello Tanya & Igor!), and as you would see from flicking back to that post the two new discoveries were of a tank, and of a submarine.

And now, a mere two and a half years later (!) a fourth badge has now been unearthed, care of the aforementioned Stormnetz in Germany. His photograph adorns the top of this post, and shows his badge to be a Russian destroyer (at least, we assume it's Russian given the prominent red star, and as Nazgul called his badge a battleship I'm going to call this one a destroyer!)

Interestingly in the original post for this item is was noted that the Bomemachine MySpace pages did reference a 'military boat with a red star' existing as a design, so one assumes that this particular edition is that very item.

So, four from seven badges are now catalogued. Do you have one of the remaining three badges? If you do, please drop Nazgul a line at and let's record it for posterity...

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