Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Reason for update: Original artwork for this split release from 2010, with some unexpected differences...

Originally the plan seemed quite straightforward - retrieve from the Castle archive the original artwork for this release (kindly sent to Nazgul by Hugin some time ago) and post a quick piece on the basis of this simply being the original template on which the final printed version was based.

However, a more careful inspection determined that in actual fact this simple tale is far from what evidently did happen.

For starters, the Hrefnesholt track listing on the final release - reviewed on Honour and Darkness on 2 December 2010 - was a two-song affair, featuring 'I Bin Da Woid' and 'Wurzlmann'. This original art shows that the plan was for but a single track, the epic 'Furchtlmandln'. The composition of the Firinghuman track listing remains unaltered.

Secondly, the actual tape was a Wulfrune Worxx release, part of their Split Series from 2010. The earlier artwork shows the W.A.R. Productions crest, with a 2009 date on the reverse. Also different is the proposed number of copies in the edition: the final pressing had 66 numbered copies, the proposed design shows that only 30 copies were intended.

The final difference, but more expected this time, is that the template here is a deep grey/blue colour whereas the final version is black and white. Given the tendency for photocopying of the various final edition covers, this apparent discrepancy is readily explainable!

So there you have it: a brief insight into the original plans for this split release and the differences encountered on the way to producing the final version as the project took shape.

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