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The Hour Of Scare Radio Show

What's all this then? It's recorded broadcasts from the 'Hour of Scare' Radio Show
Fascinating, but why should I care Nazgul? Because a number of the early broadcasts from 2000 featured none other than our hero Hugin in the role of presenter
Amazing! Tell me more: Happy to, read on...

The Austrian CCP Records label have released at least two parts in their compilation album "The Hour of Scare". The first of these - cunningly entitled Volume 1 - was reviewed on Honour and Darkness on 6 June 2009 as it featured Hrossharsgrani amongst its content.

What Nazgul had no knowledge about until relatively recently was that there was also an Hour of Scare radio show that ran (and possibly still runs, if the links on Google are anything to go by) in the early 2000's, on FRO 105.0 MHz (Linz).

Yes that's right: alongside writing and recording music, running a label, being a dad and generally being busy Hugin also managed a bit of radio presenting too in his spare time (as you do)!

These tapes were put together by Hugin in a limited edition of 1 copy each, with those he was directly involved with being signed with either "Alex" or "Hugin" on the rear flap of the inlay (as shown in the accompanying photograph). The narrative on each tape is in German, either featuring Hugin being interviewed by the host, or presenting material in his own right. Nazgul must get these tapes translated and transcribed at some future point, as I'm sure they would be a fascinating document of the thinking behind the CCP era material that Hugin released, and would doubtless uncover some lively songs in the category of 80's metal!

Hugin remembers that "the conditions surrounding the recordings were generally pretty chaotic, with nothing going as planned."

Alongside the cover photo for the 11 volumes of this series that Nazgul is proud to possess, here a brief description of their content and original broadcast date:
Volume 1
Features Hugin in a release interview for the Hrossharsgrani "Ancient Tales" album, complete with extracts of songs, broadcast on 15 May 2000

Volume 2
Features Hrossharsgrani once again, this time with an album presentation for the "...Of Battles, Ravens & Fire" EP, broadcast on 10 July 2000

Volume 3
The broadcast centres on an interview with Mittwinter on 23 October 2000, and feature Grev Morsktorn (aka Count Grimthorn) from this horde.

Volume 4
Another presentation featuring Count Grimthorn, this time the focus is on Black Metal before 1994 A.D. Broadcast on the 30 October 2000

Volume 5
A Hrossharsgrani interview featuring Hugin, broadcast on 13 November 2000
Volume 6
This week sees a Viking Metal special presented by Alexander "Hugin" Wieser, broadcast on 20 November 2000
Volume 7
Covers the second half of the Black Metal history (from 1993-2000 A.D.) featuring Count Grimthorn. Broadcast on 4 December 2000
Volume 8
A special programme, a label portrait on Mausoleum Records, presented by Hugin on 11 December 2000
Volume 9
Hrossharsgrani's "The Secret Fire" album is presented, featuring Hugin. Programme broadcast on 23 July 2001. The final tapes in the series are out of chronological order, the reason being (one suspects) the way that Hugin found the latter material in his archives.
Volume 10
80's Metal special, presented by Alexander "Hugin" Wieser on 8 January 2001.
Volume 11
Xmas Chaos, featuring that man again - Alexander "Hugin" Wieser - recorded 18 December 2000
Certainly one of the more unusual collections in the Castle library, and one that will be updated in the months to come once the mammoth task of translation and transcription has been completed.

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