Thursday, 19 January 2012


Title: Lost Songs From Middle-Earth
Format: Silver CDr disc and hand-written inlays within a red paper wallet
Reason for update: Details about how the release was originally conceived by Hugin...

Just a quick update today, but on an interesting theme: the original proposed format for the "Lost Songs From Middle-Earth" album, reviewed on Honour and Darkness back on 21 July 2009 and subsequently updated for some artwork publicity additions on 30 January 2010.

The final release came in two formats: The first was a CD release on the Aphelion Productions label, with bonus tracks from the "Die Legende..." demo of 2002. The second and later release was a tape version on the American Winter Solstace label, which had a separate set of bonus songs, this time from the original "In Durin's Halls" release of 1999. Both very worthy additions to your collection, with the CD pressing being by far the easiest of the two to track down.

However, it transpires that these formats were not Hugin's original vision for the release at all. What had been proposed was for the release to be in two distinct parts: Firstly, a 3" mini-CD release with just three songs: 'Ecthelion', 'When Daylight Is Gone' and 'The Last Of The Dragons' (respectively, the 1st, 3rd and 2nd songs on the eventual release). The second format would be a vinyl release adding the attractively named 'The Nazgul' song as a bonus track. This song was featured as track 6 on the final versions.

For various reasons presumably to do with the labels releasing the product this plan didn't come to pass, and instead of a 3-song 3" CD and a 4-song vinyl release we ended up with the 7-song 5" CD and a 7-song tape release! It really couldn't have been more different.

That said, the final two formats did allow for the inclusion of additional songs and for older demos to get a fresh airing, so in that respect there can't be two many complaints. One can't help but wonder what the alternative versions might have looked like at the end of the day, though....

To finish, here's the "Lost Songs..." family all gathered together for the first time!

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