Thursday, 12 January 2012


Band: WACH
Item: Experimentum Solaris master disc (v2)
Reason for update: One of Hugin's personal master discs for this album, housed in a green paper wallet.

Goodness gracious - no less than 2 WACH reviews in consecutive months! That sort of madness hasn't happened since the earliest days of Honour and Darkness, when releases from Hugin's various projects lay unreviewed in abundance! This sort of thing won't carry on for long of course, as WACH has - to say the least - a sporadic pattern of relasing material.

That said, 2012 will see the appearance of the new "Nordwand" EP from the band on the Blog, as the CD literally arrived at the Castle gates yesterday via the local orc courier service. We shall have to see what that entails later this year...

Back to the matter at hand; a master disc of the "Experimentum Solaris" album. This album was reviewed in its published state back on 15 April 2010 and received positive reviews not just from Nazgul but across a number of online review sources. Rather than simply being a plain white CDr, this master disc has been subject to a little doodling session and now stands out as a unique and decorative piece!

Musically nothing new to report, but a welcome chance to relisten to a well crafted and atmospheric collection of otherworldly space-ambience.

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