Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Title: Heimatleid
Format: Internet download available from http://b-machina.bandcamp.com/album/heimatleid and released on 9 December 2011.
Edition: Unlimited

Track Listing:
01. Heimatleid 12:51
02. Little Boy 21:49

Stuck in your hunt for the perfect last-minute Christmas present this year, or simply looking to give yourself an unexpected treat? Look no further, for our old friend Hugin has just the affordable stocking filler for any discerning music fan. Granted the theme of 'war industrial' is not especially festive, but ho-ho-holy shit this is something well worth breaking into the holiday budget for.

For the minuscule sum of €2.99 you too can be the proud downloader of what is described on the site as a "long lost B-Machina EP", now only available as this re-mastered internet release. Of course, it is clear from a glance at the accompanying (and rather stylish, it must be said) artwork that the old Bonemachine logo is prominently on display, rather than that of B-Machina, which makes sense given that both tracks were recorded between 2005 & 2008 at the W.A.R. Studio in Linz prior to re-mastering this year.

Personally Nazgul would call this a Bonemachine release, as the music is from that classic period and does not have the pervasive influence of Max running through it in the same way as modern B-Machina output. However, given the 2011 re-mastering and the fact that Hugin has chosen to put it under the project's current name, who is Nazgul to judge, hence both band names adorning the top of this post. It would certainly make sense to use the modern name (from a name-awareness perspective) if more recent B-Machina material is to be uploaded to this website in the future, so perhaps we should keep our eyes peeled and fingers crossed.

Both songs are available in good old fashioned digital format albeit in earlier recorded versions; 'Heimatleid' appears on a slew of early Bonemachine demos (it is certainly one of the more common Bonemachine songs across all of the project's releases), whilst 'Little Boy' was originally the subject of a very limited (14 copies) 3"CDr demo release before subsequently being made available again both on the "Erste Rotation Eine Retrospektive Von Krieg Und Zeit" and a self-titled tape demo through Depressive Illusions.

Of the two songs Nazgul's personal preference is 'Little Boy', which succeeds on a number of levels both musically and artistically, not least in getting the proverbial cast of thousands together to record their own individual pieces of narrative before electronically stitching it all back together as a cohesive whole. The aural equivalent of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, really...

The Bandcamp site is a bit of a treasure trove for good quality downloads of cutting-edge music and other assorted nuggets. The joy is that although there is a minimum price identified for each album or song for sale, it is possible to pay more to support those artists you like best. On name-your-price albums, the site informs us, fans pay an average of 50% more than the minimum specified price, and in the last 30 days over $1m of proceeds have been paid over to artists. So why not put your hand in your pocket and put a few pennies Hugin's way this year, and support this worthy endeavour?

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