Friday, 9 December 2011

B-Machina stationery

Item: Band stationery!

What every well equipped castle library should have this season - branded B-Machina stationery!

Yes, a bizarre addition to the collection perhaps, but then again why shouldn't there be a line of Hugin-related stationery and desk products!? After all, we had the Uruk Hai 'Mystic Forest' mouse-mat some while ago (see post for 26 September 2009), whilst a range of coffee mugs have been a periodic feature of Honour and Darkness for many a year.

You can see it now: the branded Hrossharsgrani pencil sharpener; the Hrefnesholt combined letter opener and nasal-hair remover; the WACH paper clip ... it's a definite possibility!

However, back in the real world what we do have here are some B-Machina 'post-it' note style memo pads and a sheet of headed paper, both showing different but classic band logos. And very useful they are too.

All we need now is a Hugin calendar for 2012 and we'll be off and running. Hmmm, that might be an interesting project for Nazgul to sink his teeth into in the coming weeks...

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