Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Title: Ancient Tales
Reason for update: The original CDr pressing of this album is finally secured! Released in 2000 on W.A.R. Productions, cat ref WAR010, with full colour inlays and poster.
Edition: 200 copies

About a year or so ago Nazgul pondered on the 5 of the most sought-after items that the collection had yet to uncover, which included the legendary Uruk Hai demo "Battle Magic" - now happily collected - and also this Hrossharsgrani release: the original CDr pressing of the "Ancient Tales" CDr in an edition of 200 copies, complete with A4 colour poster of the original cassette artwork.

The album has since been re-released in a double-disc format on the Russian Valgriind label. That pressing included a host of bonus material, some of which was included on the tape version as bonus tracks and some of which was contemporary to the 1999/2000 period in Hrossharsgrani's recording history.

However, like all collectors Nazgul wanted the original release and was lucky enough to find this copy courtesy of a certain Mr Wieser, of Linz, Austria. You may be familiar with him....

To celebrate this happy event today's post has gone slightly overboard on the photographs, but then again so few images of this particular pressing have been posted online it seemed to good an opportunity to waste.

There are some classic period images on this CDr's inlay, including the one shown further above of Hugin in his warrior helmet standing in the snow, broadsword in hand (and that sword must be almost 6' tall Nazgul would imagine, not the sort of thing you'd easily wield in anger)

This is a really great find, and it almost completes the set of "Ancient Tales" releases that were issued at the beginning of this century.

'Almost..?' Nazgul hears you cry, quizzically. Why yes - this may not be the final update in the "Ancient Tales" story for no less than 2 reasons: Firstly, the whisper of a prospective multi-CD compilation of early Hrossharsgrani work that might well be coming our way in 2012 and which would doubtless include this album. And secondly, due to the fact that another tape pressing of this album exists, on the Italian Werwolf label, and that is also out there ... somewhere...!

For now, however, Nazgul is grateful that this item has finally come home to roost in the collection, and hopes that you've also enjoyed this look at what has proven to be one of the hardest Hrossharsgrani releases to find from those early years.

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