Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Infernal War zine #13

Item: Infernal War zine #13
Reason for entry: This particular issue has an Uruk Hai track on an accompanying free CD

Track Listing:
01. Watain * Malifeitor 6.58
02. Aborym * Psychogrotesque III 4.05
03. Typhus * My Throne Is In The Kingdom Of Hell 5.32
04. Uruk Hai * The Fall Of Gil-Galad 5.46
05. Blutmond * Working Poor, Yuppie Yeah! 3.55
06. Kozeljnik * Void To Final Consumption 7.25
07. Schammasch * Black But Shining 8.52
08. Ghost Kommando * Sail The Seas Of Denial 3.07
09. Scarcross * Der Fluss 8.35

Were you to revisit the Blog for 26 July 2011 you would find mention of Infernal War zine #12, principally for its inclusion of a then unreleased track from the Uruk Hai CD reissue of "In Durin's Halls (Return To The Mines Of Moria)". Who would have believed that the very next issue of this German-language zine would have featured yet another Uruk Hai song, this time 'The Fall of Gil-Galad' from the tape release "Gil-Galad (The Whole Story)".

Nazgul reviewed this Depressive Illusions tape release back on 5 March 2011 and one of the comments at the time was how frequently the Gil-Galad songs had come up on various releases in 2010 and 2011. Since that post, another two iterations containing relevant songs have arisen including this one, so it seems a fair conclusion that Gil-Galad is here to stay!

The song as previously described is nicely composed and very 'gentle' compared to the roaring thunder and fiery belches contained on other tracks on this compilation disc. A welcome change of pace to these ears, although an incongruous pairing to those as yet unfamiliar with the Uruk Hai modus operandi.

There's not much else to add in this brief update, save to note that there is an advertisement in this same zine that features both the reissued "In Durin's Halls" CD and the yet-to-be-released (at this time) "Cirith Ungol" demo from 2010. That latter release has now come out, and in a variety of interesting pressings too, so it's one to look forward to in a forthcoming episode of your favourite Hugin-themed blog...!

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