Wednesday, 9 November 2011

ELISABETHA promotional CDr discs

Items: A collection of CDr discs with samples and snippets for various releases by this project
Format: Silver CDr discs, some in bespoke paper sleeves with band logo, others hand-written and in plain cases.
Edition: Presumed to be one-off items as they were never intended for commercial release

One of the unique properties of the Elisabetha recording output was the blending of narration and sound effects together with black metal and neo-classical music, thus literally creating a story (often likened to a play acted out on the radio) with ferocious or genteel musical accompaniment. Classic albums in this vein include the debut "Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit" and "Demeter" with a Dracula theme, and more recently "Über das Prinzip der Unschuld" which takes its inspiration from the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

The group of discs illustrated above form part of Nazgul's collection and cover a variety of these older albums. Many contain just a few minutes of sampled dialogue or sound effects, whilst the odd one will have a particular song - a good example being the cover of the Countess track 'The Priest Must Die' that appeared on the 2003 release "Vampyr".

You can imagine the unholy triumvirate of original members swapping these back and forth between themselves as the early albums were created, and in latter years the vocal parts of Seigor being laid down in this manner for inclusion on the final album.

Contents of the discs include samples for the tracks 'Morella', 'Lucy', 'Ein Traum In Einem Traum'; early 2003 snippets for 'Huren Dracula's' and 'Einleitung' and text passages for 'Zuruckgewonnene Jugend'.

With little opportunity to have Elisabetha items on the blog due to the largely dormant nature of the project this might be the last post from this band for a while, so make the most of it!

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