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Title: Eine Seltsame Reise Durch Die Nacht ('A Strange Trip Through The Night')
Format: 5" CDr released in 2008 on Hugin's own W.A.R. Productions label (no catalogue reference). This version has the disc in a black paper envelope, sandwiched between various colour card inserts and housed in a clear plastic wallet. A business card size inlay accompanies the disc and shows the edition number. There is also an 'ultra-limited edition' version of this release, which came with a bonus white t-shirt.
Edition: 44 hand-numbered copies, of which the first 5 constitute the die-hard version.

Track Listing:

01. Eine Seltsame Reise Durch Die Nacht 79.55

"What a long, strange trip it's been", Robert Hunter (of Grateful Dead fame) once said, and whilst he wasn't residing on Planet B-Machina at the time (and very probably wasn't entirely fully resident on Planet Earth at the time either, come to think of it) it's a fitting sort of introduction to this accomplished yet indescribable B-Machina release.

One of Hugin's own releases, and done at around that time when the format for W.A.R. Productions CDs was becoming consistent in its use of postcards, magnets and business card inlays (see also, for example, Ceremony of Innocence and other B-Machina releases of this period). Some of the larger cards advertise contemporary B-Machina releases, whilst some promote the band itself. Present on this release is Max, who you will remember adds a flourish of acoustic guitar to the otherwise predominantly industrial machinations of the band's music (and Nazgul uses that word in its broadest context!).

Now, with the best will in the world Nazgul isn't going to sit down and try to explain every boom, whoop and whallop that this nigh-on 80 minute demo presents to the listener. Not only would you be utterly fed up with him trying to do so, it's an almost impossible task given the sheer scale of the piece and it's peculiarities of sound and structure. It's hard enough putting congent thoughts down about 4 or 5 minute B-Machina tracks, let alone a magnum opus like this. Is it any good, you might reasonably ask - well, yes, it is but let's be honest: you do have to be in the mood for this sort of endeavour (or be prepared to have it wafting around in the background like some strange subliminal experiment) as it's hardly the sort of music that you'll be humming along to. The sheer length of the piece makes it a rather intimidating experience too - it is a long, strange trip when all is said and done, so in terms of fulfilling the brief in the title you can't fault the chaps on this one.

Nazgul had held back from posting this release on Honour and Darkness as it was until very recently the only B-Machina/Bonemachine item left in his collection that remained unreviewed. In the last month or so, however, no less than 4 new items have been identified and gathered into the Castle library (something of a miraculous volume given the paucity of remaining items left out there to find) so that's good news all round! One of these 4 items is a controversial release that will stir up some arguments and debate previously voiced on these pages, so keep your eyes peeled for that one...

All of which leads us to Nazgul's trivia question for the day: what is white, has one eye, and accelerates to 81mph (130kph) in approximately 1.8 seconds to a maximum height of 207ft (63m) whilst pulling 4.7G? You're baffled, you say?

Why, it's a B-Machina 'Eine Seltsame Reise Durch Die Nacht' t-shirt on the UK's fastest and tallest launch roller-coaster of course, as modelled so elegantly below by Nazgul whilst sitting alongside the charming Mrs Nazgul

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