Monday, 7 November 2011

BLACK BLOOD WHITE HAND > photo session

Title: Black Blood White Hand
Reason for update: Previously unseen pictures from the album photo session of 2010

Housed in a nice bespoke paper sleeve as shown above, this is another one of those unique items that Hugn has kindly graced the Castle library with. It is a CDr of a variety of photographs that formed part of the 2010 session to shoot the cover and inlay artwork for the epic "Black Blood White Hand" release.

The pictures that you see are not on the final digipak artwork in these versions, so form something of a special collection that - as far as Nazgul is aware - is probably only available to see on Honour and Darkness!

They feature, of course, the lovely Lucifera, model and all round nymphette of the woods. More famously known for her work appearing on other black metal releases, one hopes that her presence on the more ambient work of Hugin's Uruk Hai will have been a welcome release from the black leather and darkness of the likes of Dimmu Borgir's album covers!

There were plenty of images on this disc, but in order to keep this post to a manageable length Nazgul has chosen some of his favourites. For those keeping track, other session photos of Lucifera in white adorned the front cover and rear inlay tray artwork of the digipak, whilst the photos of her in purple below were part of the shoot for the picture disc CD itself. The photo in burgundy at the top of the post was part of the session that did not end up on the album at all.

If you ever wondered what an album could have looked like with alternative artwork or photos in place, then wonder no longer, for here is the perfect way to visualise the potential outcome!

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