Tuesday, 15 November 2011

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What's this then, Nazgul? It's a selection of promotional advertisements for a variety of Hugin's releases on the A.M.F. Productions label
Where did they appear? Mostly as flyers and inserts to packages in orders from the label to customers

Digging around in the Castle dungeons (as one does) Nazgul came across these fine images from Alexander Ivanov, erstwhile owner of the A.M.F. Productions label and all round splendid fellow.

Back in the early-mid 2000's many an Uruk Hai release would appear on this label - based in Sofia, Bulgaria - as demonstrated by the variety of flyers seen here.

Most were split releases, sometimes with a band indigenous to that part of the world, and some rather good demos were formed as a result. Notable bands on these split releases included Valar and Symbiosis The vast majority of releases were in tape format, with the one notable exception being the "Quenta Silmarillion" CDr release for which we had an update only recently.

There are some real 'old school' ambient classics on this label, not least the tape version of "A Night In The Forest" (shown above), which had a bonus song and thus differed from the CD pressing. And here's a little heads up for you - there's a new Uruk Hai boxed set on the way that will release on CD format a lot of these old mid-2000 demos including the formerly tape-only bonus tracks including this particular album: more of that another day!

A.M.F. also championed some of Hugin's other projects apart from Uruk Hai - the image above shows the Hrefnesholt split tape release "United By Heathen Blood", which featured Alexander's own project Bagatur alongside Italian ambient artist Symbiosis.

There is a proud legacy of releases on this label that chart and define the early development of the Uruk Hai sound, and having so many of these original releases in the collection is a real joy and pleasure for Nazgul.

Nazgul's thanks for the images in this post go, of course, to Alexander himself, who was kind enough to send them over to Castle Nazgul to keep in the archives.

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