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Title: Cold Sweat
Reason for inclusion: Whilst not a project of Hugin's, our Austrian friend's label issued this CD single on W.A.R. (cat ref W.A.R. 067 / torkyn) on 23 June, 2011, and Alex also directed the bonus video clip. There is a vinyl pressing of this single in a coloured 7" format, plus an enhanced CD version with 2 bonus tracks and a video clip.
Editions: 7" EP limited to 200 copies, MCD limited to 1000 copies.

Track Listing:
01. Intro (original intro from 1985 tour) [CD bonus track] 1.39
02. Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover) 3.07
03. Dead Again 5.01
04. The Darkening 2.47
05. Gripped [CD bonus track] 4.18
06. Cold Sweat (video) 3.14

Let's clear up the reason for this item appearing on Honour and Darkness - Atomkraft are not another new project from the ever-fertile imagination of Hugin but rather a British heavy/speed metal band who were originally part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, having formed in 1979 and disbanded in 1988 before a reformation in 2005. What is referred to as their "total metal" approach has been called "somewhere between fellow NWOBHM bands such as Motörhead and Venom, punk rock bands such as The Dickies, and early Exodus or Slayer".

One of the mainstays in Atomkraft is Tony "Demolition" Dolan, perhaps best known for his soujourn in legendary black metal horde Venom, but less well known for having created what some call the original thrash metal band in Atomkraft back in those heady days. Some brief highlights of the band's career: following recording "Conductors of Noize" in July 1987, the band promoted the record as part of support to Agent Steel and Nuclear Assault. The first date of the tour, at Hammersmith Odeon, featured an expanded line-up of Max Penalty, Atomkraft, Onslaught, Nuclear Assault and Agent Steel, and was promoted as 'The Longest Day'. Atomkraft’s performance was filmed for the 'Live Conductors' video as well as being recorded for a live BBC radio broadcast. They also played Dynamo Festival alongside Testament, Destruction and Stryper with the show going out live on Dutch radio, and embarked on a 1988 European tour with Nasty Savage and Exhumer. On completion of this tour Tony left the band and was offered a position in Venom as replacement for Cronos.

It's mostly through the Venom link that Hugin (uber-Venom fan that he is) came to form a business relationship with Tony that led to the release of this single, in what can only be called amazing artwork!

The cover of 'Cold Sweat' (clearly a popular choice amongst bands, as Nazgul notices that US rockers The Sword have also recently released this as a single) was originally recorded seven years ago but never actually released. According to Joe Matera, who makes a guest appearance on lead guitar on 'Cold Sweat', "This is a recording that was done around 2005 (I remember laying down my guitar solo around that time). It was going to be released back then but due to circumstances at the time, it got shelved."

All in all the MCD is a mighty romp through some excellent tunes, from the Metallica-esque riffing of 'Gripped' to the historically significant intro tape from way back in 1985 from the London Marquee when the band supported Slayer. 'Cold Sweat' itself is a rollicking singalong in classic Lynott style, whilst the remaining tracks give a welcome nod to the band's history whilst paving a way for them to escalate their operations into 2012 and beyond. The video track starts with the artwork from the cover of this single and ends with the W.A.R. Productions logo, and in between jams in a live performance from Atomkraft edited in old-fashioned grainy style black and white footage and intersperced with scenes of gambling at the roulette table (the lyrics of the song centre around gambling).

Hugin made a trip to London in late August 2011 to catch the band playing at Camden's Purple Turtle in support to Helstar (gig poster shown above, based on the original cover of the Hrossharsgrani "Blut" release no less), and on the way dropped in at Castle Nazgul for the Anglo-Austrian Alliance to catch up on world events. Indeed, such was the teamwork displayed at the gig and attendant promotion from Hugin for the band that both he and Nazgul ended up running the merchandise stall for much of the night with the unique and very limited edition London gig t-shirt the hot item for sale, whilst Hugin himself went suitably nuts in front of the stage for the duration of the Atomkraft set!

This would also be a timely point for Nazgul to say a quick "hello" not only to Tony but also to Atomkraft's guitarist on the evening, Rich Davenport, both of whom proved to be splendid fellows and awesome string-benders on the night!

Copies of the "Cold Sweat" single are still available from Hugin - check out his shop (under the name 'Hugin' would you believe) to see.

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