Friday, 21 October 2011


Title: Ancient Tales
Reason for update: Third edition pressing for this release, in a self-released tape format with colour cover but no catalogue reference.
Track Listing:

Side 1
1. March Into Battle
2. The Riddle of Steel
3. Fire and Ice
4. Mjölnir
5. Hel (Goddess of the Underworld)
6. Song To Hall Up High
8. Blood on My Sword
9. Weltenbrand
Side 2
10. The Unknown Land
11. The Eternal Halls of Valhalla
12. Ancient Tales
13. Myrkvid
14. Riding the Wind
15. Triumph in Every Fight (extended version)
Bonus Tracks
16. Fimbulwinter
17. Heroism
18. When The Gods Come To Earth

Congratulations to those of you still checking back at Honour and Darkness to see if Nazgul is alive and well and posting still. He is, although evidently not as frequently as of yore through a variety of prosaic reasons to do with work and live in general. Fear not, however, this tribute to the outstanding work of Alex Wieser is far from over so if you can put up with the delays then there will be some treats ahead for fans around the globe!

Let's start with something quite straightforward today: another update to the "Ancient Tales" saga. Now, the original review of the original tape release came on the 21 March 2009 and was followed by coverage of the extended 2CDr version released on Valgriind that you may recall from 3 December 2010. Later still came the "Ancient Tales" t-shirt in all of its limited edition glory, posted on 26 April 2011. And now, something else...

Yes, referenced on the inlay as the 'third edition' (although Nazgul's hazy memory seems to suggest there is an original CDr version still uncollected in the Castle library, complete with limited edition poster), which rather implies that the Valgriind 2CDr reissue actually comes after this tape release in chronology. That said, with no dates or catalogue details on this particular tape it's impossible to tell, though common sense would seem to support that supposition.

What you get on this version is a slightly different version that from the original tape release: 'Heroism' moves from side 1 of that tape to side 2 of this one, whilst the final track of the earlier tape 'The Gates of Mordor' disappears from the end of side 2 to be replaced by 'Fimbulwinter' and 'When The Gods Come To Earth', which also appear on the 2CDr version.

Some new cover artwork has appeared to, on this copy kindly signed and dedicated by Hugin, and depicts what looks likely to be one of the Valkyrie in wooded surroundings.

Since this tape appeared in one of Hugin's regular parcels to Castle Nazgul it has to be said it has remained unplayed as yet, with the CDr pressing coming in for more regular airing on the Castle death-deck. It also has to be said that Nazgul has yet to see another copy of this particular tape anywhere else online, suggesting it's edition volume may be pretty restricted. Perhaps our old Austrian friend will be able to advise us...?

Another stone-cold collectable for the library shelves, however, and to celebrate this fact let's revisit the "Ancient Tales" family in the concluding photograph:

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