Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Title: Flusterwald
Format: This is a reissued version of the release in cassette tape format, supplementing the W.A.R. Productions CDr version originally released in 2009. This tape was released by Wulfrune Worxx (France) in 2011, cat ref WW201, and comes with light green paper inlays with alternate artwork compared with the original version.
Edition: Only 19 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01. Asaland 2:20
02. Wald 9:06
03. Uralt 8:09

It's been a hectic time at Castle Nazgul, so my humble apologies for the protracted delay between this post and our last visit to the wonderful world of all things Hugin. Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this particular item, however, let Nazgul give you a quick update on a couple of matters that have been keeping him busy these past few weeks.

Firstly, of course, was the visit of none other than Hugin himself to the Castle! Quite the honour as you might imagine and cause for much celebration and a sound whipping of the serfs to prepare suitable chambers for Hugin's stay. A splendid long weekend was had by all, topped off with a privileged position at the excellent London gig of recently reformed legends Atomkraft, who Hugin himself is championing through his W.A.R. label. And what a genuinely great guy Hugin is too, quite the gentleman and extraordinarily good company.

Secondly, some exciting news on the domestic front: there is to be a new addition to the Castle in the form of Nazgul junior, expected to make his appearance in the world in mid-March 2012. Needless to say, the Nazgul clan is bursting with pride and excitement, and yes - there's likely to be other gaps in transmission as this story unfolds!

"Well, that's all very interesting", Nazgul hears you cry, "but what about this Flusterwald tape?" Well, let me quickly refresh your memories: the original review of the CDr version in Honour and Darkness was back in November 2009 and it heralded the origins of what we now know to be the contemporary 'folk-tinged sounds of the forest' adopted by the Hrefnesholt project. It was, in short, an excellent release, yet one that was only available in very small quantities but replete in some typically well thought out packaging from Hugin's own W.A.R. Productions label.

Now, two years later, comes a tape release of the same three songs, in an equally limited run of only 19 numbered copies (this particular one, Nazgul is proud to note, is numbered #1). The logic of releasing what had been a very limited edition CDr on a similarly low volume basis (and this time on tape!) may elude many, but that's the way that Hugin (and Skogen at Wulfrune Worxx) like to do business so who are we to argue?!

The new artwork on this particular release is very fitting to the forest-feel that the music conveys, and having this tape in the collection is a very welcome reminder to replay these tracks on a regular basis.

With recent releases - the quite brilliant Kruez being the most recent - the Hrefnesholt project has been going from strength to strength, carving out a unique place in the genre whilst at the same time beginning to compete with more established neo-folk bands. Listening to this EP confirms that the seeds of promise were generously sown in 2009, and have resulted in a bounteous harvest in 2011.

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