Tuesday, 20 September 2011

FALLEN - update

Band: Orcrist (featuring Hugin)
Title: Fallen
Reason for update: A signed vinyl pressing of this release

'Twas almost like the night before Christmas when Hugin visited Castle Nazgul, such was the stream of generous gifts bestowed by Austria's finest on the Nazgul clan.

This particular item is an absolute cracker, and most probably the only one of its kind anywhere to be found!? It's the limited to 500 vinyl pressing of "Fallen" on Aphelion Productions (this is #109) that has been signed and dedicated by Hugin, and also by members of Orcrist too!

You may recall the detailed review of the CD version of this release (together with promo tape) back on 11 January 2011, and to be honest Nazgul didn't even know that there was a vinyl version of the album until seeing this copy.

What a gem of an item for any collection, and a true sign of friendship from our man in the Alps!

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