Sunday, 21 August 2011


Title: Tawantinsuyu
Reason for update: Previously unseen photographs and images for proposed artwork

Recently Alexander of AMF Productions passed to Nazgul a bunch of oddments from his collection that related to Hugin's past releases. In this Blog update, what you see here are a selection of alternate cover images that were for 2006's "Tawantinsuyu" album. Alexander also sent Nazgul a selection of other photos shot in Peru, which could have graced the album in one way or other but were not finally chosen. We'll cover some of these in a future post...

The very first image shown at the top of the post shows a completely different set of possible cover images for this release, from the full colour landscape/scenic versions through to the figure of the Inca lady that was one option considered for the tape version.

The four black and white images below use some of the photos previously mentioned and some actually used on the final releases to construct some different tape cover versions. You'll note the different styles of Uruk Hai band logo on all of these images, two different on the colour versions and a third used below:

and the final image below is the AMF Productions promotional card for this release, showing the final two versions used on the tape covers.

A nice historic selection of an album under artistic construction!

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