Wednesday, 17 August 2011

DEMO 1/2010 - update

Title: Demo 1/2010
Reason for update: Alternative packaging of this demo

Some while ago we came across one of Hugin's friends by the name of Andreas Müller, who provided Nazgul with some examples of his unique bespoke versions of some of Hugin's recent releases.

The example shown on the Blog today is a CDr version of the 2010 tape demo from Eismond which, you may recall from the post of 16 April 2011, was a tape only release in the 'real' world via both the Wulfrune Worxx and Depressive Illusions labels. In Hugin's world, however, anything is possible and a result this special version was produced for tape-adverse Andreas!

You'll see from the photo that the standard colour insert from the Depressive Illusions is used as the inlay behind which the CDr disc lies, all housed in a hand-written and signed blue envelope.

Using coloured envelopes for limited edition or special releases is an occasional gambit of our Austrian hero, and notable examples of the art include Uruk Hai's "Orkstahl" release (see post for 24 December 2009), the B-Machina/Rose E Rovine split "Ganesha" (23 January 2010), or the promo-only edition of Elisabetha's epic "Und Wirklichkeit Erfüllt Die Seele Wieder" (20 July 2010).

Again, an excellent example of Hugin taking the time and trouble to give his friends and fan-base that personal touch

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