Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Title: Uruk Hai / Funeral Fornication split
Format: Cassette release on the Wulfrune Worxx label (France) from 2011, cat ref WW199. As usual with WW releases, there is a standard format C60 style tape contained within a copied black and white inlay. The cover features different artwork to the CD version released in 2010.
Edition: Hand-numbered in an edition of 100 copies

Track Listing:
01. Orcish Battle Hymn (Introduction) 01:36
02. March to War 12:31
03. Death is Just Another Path... 08:01
04. Cirith Ungol (edited version featuring Pr. Sergiy of Moloch) 11:39

Funeral Fornication
05. The Weeping Tree 05:42
06. Stargates Eternal Beheld My Nightmares 06:45
07. Chamber Below the Abyss 05:35
08. The Keep (Solstice cover) / Obsidian Tarn 07:50

It was only a short while ago - 17 April 2011 to be precise - that Nazgul covered the split CD release between these two bands issued on Hypnotic Dirge Records: the meeting of the depressive black metal of Funeral Fornication of British Columbia, Canada and the dulcet tones of our very own Hugin of Linz, Austria. As such, there's little to add to the description of the musical content of this split release save that the Uruk Hai stuff really is worth treating your ears to should you not already have heard it.

The mighty 'March To War' rumbles along like a invasion of the infidel whilst 'Death Is Just Another Path' is a magical mystery tour through Tolkien's deepest terrains. 'Cirith Ungol' is represented in very truncated form, and this song will be covered in more detail when Nazgul finally gets around to collating the myriad of versions on CD and tape that he has of this particular track - it's apparently becoming as ubiquitous in 2011 as 'Gil-Galad' was in 2010...!?

Unusually, the tape version of this split has been issued after the CD pressing: in recent times, for the majority of Hugin's releases coming in multiple format, the demo versions tend to come first on tape followed by a CD or CDr release with the final versions of the songs. Bucking the trend and being ever unpredictable, this reversal of the pattern puts 100 tapes out into the world (Nazgul's copy is #52) presumably in order to sate the collector's frenzy of Huginophiles everywhere, some of whom may have missed out on the CD pressing. And why not - there's a certain old school charm about the tape format, and it creates an opportunity to create a new piece of design for the cover for us to enjoy!

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