Friday, 8 July 2011

ABSINTHE - update

Title: Absinthe (Oder Das Andere Licht Der Wahrheit)
Reason for update: A closer look at the unusual packaging of this album...

Perhaps one of the more unusual updates we've had on Honour and Darkness it's true, but the lack of new B-Machina items to review means that desperate times have led to desperate measures being taken!

This B-Machina/Kreuzer split release was a tribute to Georg Trakl who, as we now know following the original review of this album on 10 April 2010, was an Austrian poet and is considered one of the most important Austrian Expressionists. He was born in Salzburg in 1887 and died on 3 November 1914 at a military hospital in Kraków, Poland. At the beginning of World War I, Trakl had been sent as a medical official to attend soldiers in Galicia (comprising portions of modern-day Ukraine and Poland).

Trakl suffered frequent bouts of melancholia. During one such incident in Gródek, Trakl had to steward the recovery of some ninety soldiers wounded in the fierce campaign against the Russians. He tried to shoot himself from the strain, but his comrades prevented him. Hospitalized at a military hospital in Cracow and observed closely, Trakl lapsed into worse melancholia and wrote to friends for advise, but died of a cocaine overdose before they could come to assist him.

Trakl wrote both poetry and prose, and his work includes Gedichte (Poems, 1913), Sebastian im Traum (Sebastian in the Dream, poetry, 1915), Der Herbst des Einsamen (The Autumn of The Lonely, 1920) and Gesang des Abgeschiedenen (Song of The Departed, 1933).

A page of one collection of Trakl's work adorns the outer jewel case of each of the 50 copies of this CD released through Beverina & WAR. Nazgul was privileged to receive his copy wrapped in the colour cover of the book, as opposed to a black and white printed page, and this is shown in the accompanying photograph. Some time ago Hugin included the remnants of the actual volume from which the pages had been taken in a supply parcel from WAR to Castle Nazgul, hence the reason why you are being treated to the sight of a seriously mangled paperback!

Another innovation in CD packaging from the wilds of Austria, and a nice addition to the other weird and wonderful Bonemachine/B-Machina tape and CD packaging that we've enjoyed over the years. It's an odd thing to have a half destroyed book in the middle of a collection of pristine items, but think of it as evidence of the hand and creative genius of Hugin at work!

That's pretty much all there is to say on the subject, really, so let's end with a totally random piece of trivia: did you know that an anagram combining the words 'B-Machina' and 'Georg Trakl' makes the phrase 'Blackheart or Gaming'? Sounds like the title of an album from a dodgy hair metal band from the early 80's...

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