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Title: 5 Jahre SkullLine / 5th Anniversary SkullLine [V/A]
Format: DVD released on the SkullLine label (Germany) in 2010, cat ref DVDR100-10. The release celebrates the fifth anniversary of the label and compiles 46 audio tracks onto a DVD disc, housed in a slimline DVD size case. There is a more limited edition steel-box version that comes with additional goodies (sticker, pin, shirt, etc) along with a 100 track USB containing rare demos/songs.
Edition: Standard edition limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. The steel case edition is limited to just 50 numbered copies.

Track Listing:

01. Angry Young Formation - Masters Of Silence
02. Argheid - Innocent Eyes
03. Barbarossa Umtrunk feat. Schattenspiel - Vive le Quebec Libre
04. Droefheid - Alarm
05. Durch Herr und Kraft - Câteau de Trianon (French pre-version)
06. Gabe-Unruh - Heimat Guben
07. Heiliges Licht - Am Ende des Tages...
08. Hrefnesholt - Hexnfeia
09. Hybryds - Never trust an Angel (Vocal Mix)
10. In Scherben - Sachsenland
11. J Orphic - Scisma
12. Kazeria [KZ] - Marching Solstice
13. L'Effet C'Est Moi - Rite Nacht
14. Primeval Existence - Roar of the Warchiefs
15. Rose Rovin E Amanti - My Blacky Europa (early demo version)
16. Shattered Hand - Dreaming of Prypiat
17. Sinweldi - Jeunesse Nationaliste Révolutionnaire
18. Stormfagl - Ve er!
19. Strydwolf - Frii Es De Estsang (Mantra)
20. Truart - Panzertanz (Tribunal version)
21. Zr19.84 - Beautiful Lies

22. Nocturne - Un Dimanche dans la Gorge (avec Jule à la guitare)
23. Svart1 - Display of Hate
24. Area Bombardment - Baile Átha Cliath 1916
25. Bleiburg - Concept of Reality
26. Brandkommando - Cops
27. Camisole - Clitoridian Temple
28. Disciplina Urbana - Industrias Tóxicas
29. Eldar - Silence in the Wind
30. Electric Uranus - 3min
31. Erntegang - Parker Barrow Memorial
32. Escuadron de la muerte - Cruz de Hierro
33. Forests And Communism - Raindrops
34. Founiersches Gangraen - Total War
35. Front Sonore - Skeleton Dance
36. Grabstein - V2(44)
37. Irikarah - I will
38. Kaelteeinbruch - Grey Ships
39. Kenji Siratori - Ground Scream
40. Kristus Kut - Disco Fever
41. Life's Decay - Feythium
42. Nuevo Ideal Nacional - Hvetramannaland
43. Siege - A Honorable End
44. Zyankali - Gefahr im Verzug
45. Melek-tha - 8,42 Good
46. Ierophania - Ritual of Rising Child

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the German SkullLine label (www.skullline.de) is the reason for the existence of this monster of a compilation album featuring a raft of songs from bands associated with, or released through, the label. It's a mighty affair too, cramming the artists on thick and fast in two 'sections', the first covering Folk and Military Pop, the second Industrial and Ambient sounds. The reason for this release coming onto the Honour and Darkness radar comes from the Hrefnesholt song located at track 8 of the first part (firmly in the 'Folk' section).

As a passing thought, it seems strange that the label hasn't seen fit to include a B-Machina track on the Industrial or Military Pop sections of the release. This is especially so when Kaelteeinbruch are represented with the same 'Grey Ships' song that was on their split release with B-Machina marketed through SkullLine only recently (see Blog of 19 June 2010)? Ah well, beggars can't be choosers, and the presence of just one of Hugin's many projects still makes this a note-worthy release for us to consider here.

Surprisingly there is very little review of this release online, which is strange given the 'usual suspects' (Heathen Harvest, et al) who positively revel in this type of thing. Unsurprisingly, Nazgul is not going to wade through 46 separate songs to give you his informed view on all of them as - quite frankly - there's not enough time or available willpower to face up to that particular task. Instead, let me just note that the majority of bands on this album are unknown to me although a few familiar names loom up out of the track-listing: notably the aforementioned Kaelteeinbruch, Kenji Sirotori and Rose Rovin E Amanti from their past collaborations with Bonemachine/B-Machina, along with one or two others that ring a vague bell from reading reviews of other compilations.

The Hrefnesholt track 'Hexnfeia' is a song familiar to Hugin fans already from the 'Uraungst' CD and advance tape releases, and fares well in this setting as an interesting introduction to the band. That's rather the point of these sorts of compilations of course, and spending some quality time with a release like this should enable a casual listener to find a few projects that hit the spot and avoid others that are most definitely not to one's taste. As described in some detail in previous posts, the 'new' attitude struck by Hrefnesholt really does hit the mark as far as Nazgul is concerned, and Hugin really deserves critical acclaim for trying something fresh and new without losing sight of the early roots of the band's output.

In usual SkullLine fashion some care and attention has gone into this release: who can forget, after all, the Minimal Baby collection in deluxe version complete with a baby's nappy! The steel-box version (happily) fails to be quite so strange but offers some interesting additional content and comes in a pretty collectable item with only 50 being made, albeit at nearly 50 Euros in price (see image below). This cheaper version offers the same essential musical experience for a much reduced price, and really if you have a passing interest in one or two of the genres covered it has to be seen as a value for money purchase.

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